The "Hi!" Thread - Part I

The "Hi!" Thread - Part I

Subject:      Hi!
From: (Pooh2345)
Date:         1997/01/20
Message-Id:   <>
Organization: AOL

Hello, Moxy lovers, I'm new to this newsgroup, so I thought I'd introduce
myself.  My name is Jaclyn and I live in Buffalo, so I live in an area
where there have been quite a few Moxy Fruvous concerts. :)  So, where are
all you guys from?   My favorite album is Bargainville.  By the way, did
you guys know that there's another Moxy Fruvous newsgroup?  It's called, but it doesn't get half as many postings as this one
does.  Well, I'll see you all later.


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Subject: Re: Hi! From: Sharilyn (fruchick) Date: 1997/01/21 Message-Id: <5c3juo$> Sender: References: <> Organization: Zip News Newsgroups: In article <>, says... > >Hello, Moxy lovers, I'm new to this newsgroup, so I thought I'd introduce >myself. Hi (waves). >My name is Jaclyn and I live in Buffalo, so I live in an area >where there have been quite a few Moxy Fruvous concerts. :) You're not disgruntled, are you? ;-) >So, where are >all you guys from? I, personally, am from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. You'll find that a lot of people here are American, residing in the places that Fruvous frequent. There are a few odd Ontarians, too (not that Ontarians are know what I mean!) >you guys know that there's another Moxy Fruvous newsgroup? It's called >, but it doesn't get half as many postings as this one >does. was the original group, and this one was formed to "replace" it. It's worked in the sense that more people post here, but every so often I'll surf into and be witness to some poor lost Fruhead wandering around in there saying "where are all the Fruvous fans?". It's kinda sad, but all we can do is turn them around by the shoulder and direct the poor souls here! :-) -Sharilyn
Subject: Re: Hi From: (TraugottCM) Date: 1997/01/22 Message-Id: <> References: <> Organization: AOL Newsgroups: X-Admin: What a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves, since many of us still haven't met in person. I'm Chris, I live in Washington, DC. Fellow Fruhead Zard and I are travelling buddies, we've hit 11 shows together over the last few years (most last year). I've seen 13 shows altogether, but have 11 stamps. I "found" Fruvous a few years ago. Zard and another friend Ellen were walking through Central Park in NYC several summers ago and came across a strange band of men playing off-beat music and wearing funny hats. Ellen and Zard stayed, watched, became hooked, and bought the Bargainville sampler. Several weeks later, one bright sunny Saturday morning in NYC (we had gone back up to visit Ellen) Zard said, "Chris, there is this band you have to hear." She popped the tape into the tape deck, and moments later the three of us were dancing around the living room to "King of Spain." A Fruhead was born. So, all you Fruheads out there (including lurkers!), introduce yourselves and tell us how you found Fruvous! chris
Subject: Re: Hi From: Tootles Date: 1997/01/22 Message-Id: <> References: <> <> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-Ascii Organization: Skidmore College--In the land of the Ice and Snow Mime-Version: 1.0 Reply-To: Newsgroups: X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.01 (Win95; I) TraugottCM wrote: > So, all you Fruheads out there (including lurkers!), introduce yourselves > and tell us how you found Fruvous! Well, my cousin came home from college back three years ago with a tape from some band with a weird sounding name. She said, "You've got to hear this. You'll love it." Turns out, it was the Indy/Demo/Whatever tape. I've still got it, even though it doesn't really belong to me. (Longer story) Well, a few months later, I'm looking through the CD bin at Lechmire's and run into Bargainville. Without batting an eyelash, I buy it. Then, for two years, that was it. I had no idea if they were even still together until I got to college and found out that there was a second album and an ep on the way. Needless to say, I got them. As for concerts, the first time I saw them live was at Newport in August. I then saw them at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA later that month. This has been my Fruvous history. Tune in again next week when you'll hear our hero say, "C'est? That's French!" 'later, jeff gilson. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A long December and there's reason to believe that this year will be better than the last -Counting Crows
Subject: Re: Hi From: (Stephen Noel Spencer) Date: 1997/01/22 Message-Id: <5c59sd$> References: <> <> Organization: OSU Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design Newsgroups: TraugottCM ( wrote: : So, all you Fruheads out there (including lurkers!), introduce yourselves : and tell us how you found Fruvous! As memory serves, my sweetie picked up "Bargainville" because we were going to the Bridgeton Folk Fest (NJ) to see Richard Thompson and Moxy Fruvous was one of the other bands on the bill that day. We'd heard a couple of songs on our local public radio station (WCBE, Columbus OH, an early Fruvous adoptee) but hadn't heard them live. Wow. They were amazing. We quickly realized that this was "the" band to watch, and have seen them at most of the shows they've played in Ohio since then (summer of 1995). Best shows we've seen: - the "does the word 'Fire Hazard' mean anything?', shirtless-Persian show at Oberlin's Cat in the Cream coffeehouse (room packed to 2x capacity) - Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (got the best audience reaction of all acts) - the first Canal Street Tavern (Dayton, OH) show we attended, 'cause we scored seats *right* *down* *front*. OK, so we had to suffer through the opening act (helpful hint: the more beer you drink, the flatter you sing), but it was worth it. (And no, I'm not revealing the name of the opening act -- it's not nice. They did have quite a following.) That four-part harmony is great from six feet away. -- Stephen N. Spencer 614.292.3416 (v) Graphics Research Specialist 614.292.7776 (f) ACCAD - The Ohio State University SIGGRAPH Director for Publications "After ecstasy, laundry." - Zen writing
Subject: Re: Hi From: (ZardSnod) Date: 1997/01/23 Message-Id: <> References: <> Organization: AOL Newsgroups: X-Admin: Well, here I am, browsing on the ng on my "work at home day"...hmmm. Luckily, in this one case, none of my co-workers are hard-core Fruheads, or I'd be sunk! Anyways, I wanted to say "Hi" back to all of you, and give you my side of the story of "how I got into Moxy Fruvous" - Chris T. has already given you the bones of the story. It was one fine spring day in Central Park (I think it was '95, but old-time Fruheads can tell me, as it was their first US tour, for Bargainville), and I had just arrived in Grand Central Station (yes, this is the long version of the story, so just sit back and have a read) from DC. My friends Siobhan and Ellen picked me up there with a picnic basket packed and ready to go! We go and munch on chicken, cheese, bread, grapes, and a little wine, while the gentle spring sun wafts down on us, green leafies all around, birds chirping, warm breezes, and fresh smells (hard to believe in New York, but it was all there! - You've got to believe that this day was charmed!). After, we decide to take a stroll, and down around the bandstand, just off to the left, is this group of 4 guys, lookin' kinda funky, with a couple of instruments, so we stop to have a listen. Well, they do a song or two (for the life of me I can't remember which), then one of them puts on a silly hat, and sings this great song, and then they do the whole acoustic Green Eggs and Ham skit (which I didn't get to see again until Philly this fall!), and we're absolutely hooked. Jian walked around with a box of the Bargainville samplers, and told us they could be had for a minimum of $2, but they'd gladly accept a higher donation, as they were on their first US tour. I was flat broke, but Ellen coughed up two bucks, and then I chucked in one of my last (so I actually only own a one-third share in that collector's edition tape - how short-sighted could I be?!?), and we took one home. After that, it became our New York, visiting Ellen, tape, the start of joyful visits and a remembrance of happy afternoons with friends. As they passed around the tapes, they also passed around pamphlets of their schedule, and we thought "shucks, we can't make the one in NY tonight," and I knew I couldn't make the next one in DC the next night, so that was all she wrote for the concert going. That whole year until fall (--unless it was 94, then it would have been a year and a half. My mind is going!), I never heard hide nor hair of any concerts, but then finally, one auspicious fall day, I was leafing through the paper and saw a concert ad for Moxy Fruvous, and it fell on a weekend Ellen would be in town. So, Ellen, Chris and I went to see them at an intimate, sit-down show at the Birchmere, where we got on the mailing list, bought Wood, and the rest is history! Since then, we've seen them a couple of times at the Bayou in DC, in Baltimore at 2 different spots, in Philly, Newport, Providence, Boston twice, and Chris went to Buffalo and New Years in NYC. Voila! BTW-- latest word is that there is a show in Sudbury, ON, on March 8. I don't have any additional info yet. Can we all make a promise to each other, that as we hear of concert dates, we share them right away? Chris and I are having a hard time, since we want to start planning our spring and summer, but that's hard to do when we need to know what Moxy dates are out there!! Thanks, all! (and thanks for listening! --Gosh this is therapeutic!) --Zard
Subject: Re: Hi From: (TraugottCM) Date: 1997/01/23 Message-Id: <> References: <> Organization: AOL Newsgroups: X-Admin: on 23 jan., zard wrote >>(I think it was '95, but old-time Fruheads can tell me, as it was their first US >>tour, for Bargainville) (--unless it was 94, then it would have been a >>year and a half. My mind is going!), ... I'm afraid your mind is going, fru-friend o' mine, because I'm quite sure we saw them at the Birchmere in the fall of '95, and it seemed eons between the first time we heard Dave's dulcet tones wafting out of Ellen's tinny tape deck and finally seeing them at the Birchmere. I'm sure it was easily a year and a half. 'member how long it took us to find Bargainville down here? We weren't even sure if the band was still together. Of course, we could always check back issues of the Fruvous quill for tour dates...... chris
Subject: Re: Hi Date: 23 Jan 1997 14:11:46 -0800 From: Heather Newsgroups: References: <> <> <> --------------------------------------------------------------------------- >TraugottCM wrote: > >> So, all you Fruheads out there (including lurkers!), introduce yourselves >> and tell us how you found Fruvous! > I was first introduced to Früvous over the radio. In 1992 CFNY here in Toronto were frequently playing the independent cassette and I was hooked. It's been four years this month since I first saw a Früvous show and since then I've had the privilidge of seeing the band live more then 30 times (unfortunately the Frühead card only started in May). Along with endless musical enjoyment I've met sooo many wonderful people from all over the place and what brings us all together is the music. Heather
Subject: Re: Hi From: Pete the Dog Date: 1997/01/24 Message-Id: <> References: <> <> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-Ascii Organization: Frontier Internet Rochester N.Y. (716)-777-SURF Mime-Version: 1.0 Newsgroups: X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.0 (Macintosh; I; PPC) I was gettiing the sense that if I wanted to contintinue adding my two cents here I should offer an introduction. Pleased to read all of yours, here's mine. For future reference, I shamelessly write on Netscape without the benifit of a spellchecker. I offer no apologies. In the Summer of 95' my wife was offered a great job at Hamilton College near Utica, NY. We left Tucson, AZ then to begin a YEAR IN EXILE". I couldn't find work I wanted in that area. Mornings often found me absently reaching into the Captain Crunch box reading the Times with the History channel or Jake on the cable. The intractable winter bore on. I played pick-up hockey, worked in a catering kitchen, languished. It was bleak. Then one night, a local fellow I had befriended took me into Utica to check out this band his mother was going to see at Captatin Tripps. You guessed it - it was Moxy Fruvous! The boys started right in rocking that night. I was intrigued by the drum set right up front and the way they worked together, literally trading places on stage as they traded leads throughout the set. I got tired keeping track of the instruments they played. Our grins grew wide. Mostly, I was affected by the shear glee with which they performed. That was just what I most severely needed. With some apprehension we revisited Captain Tripps for a second show later in the Spring. Would it be what I remembered? Ya. It was awsome. So without reservation I began e-mailing friends the tour schedule. I missed the Rochester show this fall myself as my wife was yet an infadel and it was late and she was tired. You just can't explain to folks enough - you have to drag their asses out to the show and then they're nodding their heads and saying "your right, these guys are great!" Such was the case on NYE when Jeff and I drug our respective spouses to the Bottom line. I also scored a couple other newbies that night and we had a blast, that is until the dreadful Betty reared their sordid heads. Just try to figure what it takes for someone to willfuly go to Utica in the dead of Winter. Are they morons, or really hard up, or are they saviors, angels of pop culture spreading their wings over a destitute landscape. In closing, my special hello's to Zard and Cris. Lived in DC 11 years myself and can actually imagine seeing Moxy at the Birchmire. Great place to see a show.