The "Hi!" Thread - Part IV

The "Hi!" Thread - Part IV

Subject:      Re: Hi
From: (colleen campbell)
Date:         1997/01/29
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Nicole the Wonder Nerd ( wrote:

: >Welcome, Nicole!  
: *sigh*  I feel so loved...  :)

Wait til you fly out to an east coast show and hang out with us in
person--heehee. . .  (And why do I have the feeling Nicole's gonna join in
with Nikolai (Seattle--and hey, where have you been lately, hon?) and
Shayna (Texas) in lamenting that she never gets to see the band?)

: Whoa.  Now THAT's a cool story.  I've never seen them live, let alone
: chatted idly with them for hours.  My friend, you are one LUCKY woman.
: In fact, I think you've exceeded your quota of luck for your LIFETIME.

Nope!  Not yet!  I didn't even tell ya what happened in the last few
months. :)  Everyone else here has already heard it, but I'm the lunatic
who drove up to see them, 3300 miles round trip, from Ft. Lauderdale,
Florida, to Cleveland, in September.  And made use of the fact that I'm
now a licensed massage therapist. . .*grin*.

: Is the person who wrote "Nuits de Reve" the same person who sings it?
: The lyrics are written in excellent, poetic French, but the singer has
: one *thick* accent-- at times it's nearly incomprehensible.

Mike wrote both Morphee and Nuits de Reve, and sings them both.  As far as
I've heard, there isn't a French song on the upcoming album. . .


Damn, Nicole, you *are* a TMBG nut, ain'tcha??  "". . .
whew.  I think you just missed the thread on "what other stuff do you
listen to besides Fruvous" (or were you lurking then?)--g'on, tell us.


Colleen Campbell        o/~ lost in Fruphoria o/~
              "Hey! You callin' my girl straight?!?" - Jason

Subject: Re: Hi From: Date: 1997/01/29 Message-Id: <> References: <5cnmgh$383$> Organization: AOL Newsgroups: X-Admin: Thanks Colleen for the vote of confidence! No album altho we got an indie offer that sucked...but there is a great Garage Ensemble 5-song demo tape which is fun...let me know if you want a copy and it'll be in the mail! :-) The greatest story from this group is the fact that Jimmy Buffet liked our demo enough to inquire about tours...alas, it was too difficult to work and too painful to explain! Victorria
Subject: Re: Hi From: (Nicole the Wonder Nerd) Date: 1997/01/29 Message-Id: <> References: <> <> <> <5clbkh$5hp$> <> <5cnm18$383$> Organization: University of California, Davis Newsgroups: On 29 Jan 1997 14:15:04 GMT, (colleen campbell) wrote: >Nicole the Wonder Nerd ( wrote: >: *sigh* I feel so loved... :) > >Wait til you fly out to an east coast show and hang out with us in >person--heehee. . . Don't I wish. (Actually, at one point I was actually considering going to college on the East Coast simply because of the proximity to concerts by bands I like. Unfortunately, good sense won out and I'm at a state university.) By hook or by crook, I'll get to a concert somehow. > (And why do I have the feeling Nicole's gonna join in >with Nikolai (Seattle--and hey, where have you been lately, hon?) and >Shayna (Texas) in lamenting that she never gets to see the band?) Yeah! Ok, Nikolai and Shayna, on three: "BUT WE NEVER GET TO SEE THEM LIVE! IT'S NOT FAAAAIIIIRRR!" >: In fact, I think you've exceeded your quota of luck for your LIFETIME. > >Nope! Not yet! I didn't even tell ya what happened in the last few >months. :) Everyone else here has already heard it, but I'm the lunatic >who drove up to see them, 3300 miles round trip, from Ft. Lauderdale, >Florida, to Cleveland, in September. On the theory that they'll never set foot south of Nebraska? Wise choice. Wish I could have been there. > As far as >I've heard, there isn't a French song on the upcoming album. . . Shoot. So much for my mother's budding FruFandom. (She's French, and I think she secretly likes them because of their French songs.) >: > >Damn, Nicole, you *are* a TMBG nut, ain'tcha?? "". . . >whew. I think you just missed the thread on "what other stuff do you >listen to besides Fruvous" (or were you lurking then?)--g'on, tell us. Actually, the adresses are just aliases. (the unofficial site) used to offer aliases like that, for free. (They don't anymore, but all the aliases are still active.) I did miss the thread. I just recently got news capability. (It's a long story) I listen to (besides Fruvous), TMBG, Barenaked Ladies, Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles, Man... Or Astroman?, a bit of Camper Van Beethoven, some show tunes (my guilty pleasure), and a LOT of early music (i.e. medieval and Renaissance periods). --nicole the wonder nerd I'm trying to give my dorm a Fru bug... so far, three down and sixty-seven left to go. *** "Circumstances eat themselves. The present tense has been." --Moxy Fruvous Visit Nicolopolis!
Subject: Re: Hi Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 10:38:46 -0500 From: Erica Newsgroups: References: <> <> <> <5clbkh$5hp$> <> <5cnm18$383$> Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, if you all are ready for another newbie story here goes... I picked up Barganville without ever hearing the band before, just by hearing of them. Has anyone reading this newsgroup heard of Guster? Well they played with Moxy Fruvous last March in New York. I wasn't actually at the show, but on a tape I have of it, Ryan of Guster talks about how Fruvous are the coolest Canadians. So I had merely heard of the band, saw Barganville for sale one day (very appropriate considering the title) and snatched it up. I loved it even more than I expected (how often do you get a CD you really like by merely the name of the band). Now I am anxiously awaiting a chance to see them live. And if anyone would like to tide me over and trade tapes, I would love to get some live fruvous. I have tons of Guster to trade (I think you all would really like them) and a few assorted other bands. E-mail me and I'll get back to you. A new fruhead, Erica
Subject: Re: Hi From: (Hugo Rodrigues) Date: 1997/01/30 Message-Id: <5cosvr$> References: <> <> <> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Organization: Capitalnet Users Group Mime-Version: 1.0 Newsgroups: In article <>, (Nicole the Wonder Nerd) wrote: >>So, all you Fruheads out there (including lurkers!), introduce yourselves >>and tell us how you found Fruvous! I guess it's my turn now... :> Way back about 1992, I first heard about the song "King of Spain", and I thought it was kindof cool. That year they played the Gloucester fair (the burb of Ottawa that I live in) which was literally across the street (well, a few bushes and one house, actually) from my house. I didn't go, but my sister did. She thought they were okay. A year later, after I came back from camp, I received my b-day present, a CD/Tape player. The inaugural CD I had asked for was, of course Moxy Fruvous. As I do with all CD's, I played the song I knew to death, and then started listening to the rest of the album. I right away fell in love :> with the album and memorized all the songs, etc, etc. When I first got net access in '95, I started lurking and posting to this and the other newsgroups and met Rosemary, Sharylin and a few other fruheads. The friendliness of the group and all of Rosemary's concert posts (this was right after their Bole days) during the summer. I missed two concerts that summer (one in Ottawa and one in Merrickville) and made it to their concert in December 1995 in Ottawa. I was blown away by their live act. The following winter (a year ago this weekend actually) the boys came out to Winterlude to play an hour-long set in -30 weather (hmmm... the weather's -30 now...) which had everyone bopping around. When the concert was over I met Jian and he recognized my name from the NG. Fast forward to my b-day this past year (Aug 96), when Moxy came to headline the opening night of The Ottawa Folk Festival. Their set was short, with no encore, but was easily remembered for other things. I finally met Sharylin and Rosemary, which was amazing. I had a chance to talk to the guys a bit longer too... they signed my b-album cover (Mike turned the 'b' into "birthday!"... :> that was too cool... Since then I lurk the groups and chat (which I'm neglecting right now) and await for Moxy to come within tolerable driving distance of Ottawa. There... *phew* "These children / They're really not bad most of them / They're just products / Of rotten neighbourhoods / And bad family situations" -- unknown, in "Sixteen" by No Doubt *MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO* Hugo Rodrigues *LONG LIVE THE COW* Journalism Student *VIVE LA VACHE* Forever Fruvous!! *MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*MOO*
Subject: Re: Hi Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:17:36 -0800 From: Nat Gertler Newsgroups: References: <5cm3is$> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, my turn, I guess. There's no getting out of it now. My brother married a Canadian. She still is a Canadian; she works at the embassy. So now I'm related to Canadians. I learn all the official Canadian secrets, like what Canadian Tire Money is and that joke about mailing beer. And when they lend me a home tape of entertaining music, it's got the contents of the Fruvous demo tape on it (as well as a BNL demo/EP). And I think it's great stuff. I usually don't pay attention to the concert listings. I really don't go to concerts; I've been to less than 10 in my life. But I happen to notice that the Fruv Four are opening for Some Guy Who Has A Hit. Even though I am not a concert-goer (at that point I had been to three concerts, two of which were the same Bowie concert on consecutive nights. You see, I was going out with two lovely ladies, both Bowie fans...) this was something I felt I had to see. So I grabbed a couple tickets and dragged along my beautiful-but-she-only-wants-to-be-friends friend Drae, and we hit the show. Timewise, this was about a week or two before Bargainville hit the states, so I guess we're talking '93, and I'd be 28. The city was Philadelphia, which is sufficiently south that we don't get the cultural leak-over from Our Neighbor To The North. The crowd was small; after all, this was just an opening act that no one had ever heard of, so people weren't bothering to show up until the Real Guy appeared. The band did their live magic (the albums never quite capture that!), and everyone was enthralled... but I was the only one who was bouncing along knowingly to the songs. When their set was over, my friend and I headed towards the concession selling the demo tapes, only to be grabbed by... I have to admit, at this point I don't remember if it was Murray or David; my bopping along had been noticed from the stage, and introduced himself to me, wanting to meet me (!?), Murray-or-David was wondering where I'd heard the songs. I explained my connection with the Foreign Operative. Then David-or-Murray was passing by, and Murray-or-David grabbed him and introduced him to me. We chat a bit, and it comes out that I write comic books for a living. The two of them say that I have to meet Mike, who is apparently a fan of various comics. They head off to take care of some stuff. I get in line to buy a few copies of the demo tape (and look longingly at some of the too-expensive-for-me-then stuff), and Jian comes up to introduce himself. The conversation is largely an echo of the previous one, but at least I manage to find out more about how the band works, and again it is said that Mike should meet me. Sounds good, but Mike's not visible. The feature artist starts up, Drae and I head back in to listen, but run into Mike, who is looking for me. He and I have a 10 minute or so talk about comics and the industry, but then he and the guys have to head off. (Shortly thereafter, Drae and I decide that the feature entertainer is not that entertaining for us, and head off.) And that is, sadly, the only MF concert that I've gotten to see. The rest of my time living in the Philly area, I was too broke and lacking in transportation to be able to get to any appearances in the general area. However, I learn that between the performance I saw and a couple of others, word spread quickly, and they were packing their appearances. I shoved them on a few folks who turned into live-Fru fans (and as much as I like a lot of the recorded stuff, it never lives up to the live stuff.) I do seem to have had one small moment of Fru-related fame after that. When they were running the name-the-album contest-like thingy, and I wanted that sampler tape, I needed to put down on the sheet what I would most like to see the album named... and I gotta admit, I would love to see an album called Songs For Nat Gertler. What more could one ask out of the album? Well, apparently this title (or at least the brazenness of the attempt) caught the imagination of others, and it ended up on the finalist list. It's a very small form of fame, but I'll take what I can get. --Nat "Songs for Nat Gertler" Gertler