The "Hi!" Thread - Part V

The "Hi!" Thread - Part V

Subject: Re: Hi
Date: 30 Jan 1997 16:30:11 GMT
From: (Paul Sabourin)
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I'll chime in, too...

I first heard of MF when someone on the newsgroup
recommended them (I forget who, but I wanted to thank them) just after
Bargainville came out.  I went to my local Tower, which happened to have a
copy.  I (like most people here. probably) wore out my CD player with it.

Shortly thereafter, MF came to Washington, DC for the first time, as the
first act of a "3 bands for 5 bucks" bill at a local club (15 Minutes, for
those who care).  This was on the "Bargainville" tour.  It was great;
there were maybe 40 people there, of whom maybe 15 or 20 were there
specifically to see MF.  Real intimate, loose, etc., and all the things
that everyone has said here a bunch of times before.

After going to see them a couple more times over the next 1.5 years (they
seemed to come to DC a *lot* back then), my group (Da Vinci's Notebook)
had the honor of opening for them twice--once at the 15 Minutes, and once
at the Birchmere.  At all times, they were quite friendly and funny.

We haven't been able to open for them in the last year (they've had other
bands touring with them), but their DC area fan base has risen
exponentially (their last time through, they filled the Bayou, a 500-seat
club--not bad for a band with *no* airplay in town).

Probably the highlight of my Fruvous experience was this past October at
Fletcher's in Baltimore.  They knew I was in the audience, and before they
sang "You Will Go to the Moon," they said, and I quote:

"Can we dedicate this next song to Da Vinci's Notebook?"
"Yeah, Da Vinci's Notebook; four guys who taught us how to sing." cool was *that*???

It was totally gracious of them, and
illustrates much about what makes me like them so much (not just the fact
that they complimented us, though it helps :-), but that they keep in
touch with their fans and friends that way).

So, that's *my* story.

Paul Sabourin.

P.S. You know on the Iron Horse Bootleg tape (from the tape tree a while
back), before "King of Spain," where they break into an impromptu version
of the "I Dream of Jeannie" theme, and then Mike trails of with a section
of "Tom's Diner"?  They took that from us (at least in part); we had
opened for them a couple weeks before, and did our version of "Jeannie"
with a "Tom's Diner" break with altered lyrics.  Then again, we stole
*that* from someone else, so I guess it all works out.

Subject: Re: Hi From: (Elizabeth Miles) Date: 1997/01/31 Message-Id: <5crmqb$ffh$> References: <> <> <5cnmgh$383$> <5coo71$> Organization: Harvey Mudd College, Claremont CA USA Newsgroups: Originator: Hi, all- I think I may be one of the only card-carrying Fruheads who's never been lucky enough to get to see a live show... I accomplished this by being born, raised, and schooled in southern California- which kinda says it all, if you know what I mean. Lucky for me, there's the net. :) It was on the a.m.tmbg newsgroup that I first heard of Moxy Fruvous- and kept hearing about them. A good quarter to half of TMBG fans also seem to be big fans of MF, so I was somewhat familiar with their name for a while. After hearing the guys do a live version of King of Spain on "The Difference", I really started looking for Bargainville in earnest. Eventually, I found it in a bargain bin (where else?). And after this, my story is a lot like everyone else's around here- I listened to it, I loved it, I wrote the guys an incoherent fan letter. :) I sent away for Wood and a t-shirt, and started dragging people into my dorm room babbling "You've got to hear this group!". And the result is that there's now a little Fruville in South Dorm at Harvey Mudd College, which is just great. So in case you're curious- no, I'm not the only Fruhead in LA, but I probably know most of them personally. :) And even though I missed MF at the Colorado Folk Festival last summer due to badly timed jury duty, I'll see y'all there if they play there again. Cheers! --Beth in California PS- As a pretty isolated fan, I tend to miss about 2/3 of the traffic on this group because a lot of the messages are localized in the northeast US/ southeast Canada. If you're posting from there, I'd love it if you could check that your header has the "Distribution" line set to "world" before you send off your messages. :)
Subject: Re: Hi From: (KARYCAT) Date: 1997/01/31 Message-Id: <> References: <> Organization: AOL Newsgroups: X-Admin: I guess I'll jump in, although my story seems totally boring after all your good ones. I had never heard of MF, but going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival every year as all good old folkies do, I found them playing and was immediately entranced. I always find some great new performers there every year, and the year MF were there they were it. I then got to see them do a longer performance at the Bottom Line (not NYE, but earlier) that I even dragged a friend to and we both had a great time listening to their tapes on the way to the concert and seeing them live. To the person who spent a year in Clinton NY having been dragged there by a spouse's job at Hamilton, I spent 4 years there voluntarily and loved it (despite the snow and cold). Back then there was Kirkland College along with Hamilton, and while we didn't get to see MF (they were probably barely born then), I did get my first real exposure to live popular concerts like Frank Zappa, Livingston Taylor and Sha-na-na. Now I go to lots of live concerts and love it. Caryn
Subject: Hi (belatedly) From: Nikolai Faaland Date: 1997/03/09 Message-Id: <> Newsgroups: [More Headers] Hey y'all Well, I'm going to delurk for awhile, after a many-month "vacation". How was the little hiatus? Splendid. (turns on windshield wipers to scrape off the sarcasm) But I shant bore you with that. I managed to miss the (in?)famous "hi" thread, but Chris, that avatar of fruvishness, has posted it on his page. Check it out, either by looking in the encyclopedia under "really cool stuff" or visiting If you're anything like me, you'll probably get so excited when you first see it that you'll do something indecent. Anyway, I was able to read in painful detail of how y'all lost your Fruvinity. Well, actually, I skimmed most of them because the file is mind-bogglingly long, but it was enough for me to want to post my own story. Basically, my first girlfriend had the sampler tape, but hadn't really listened to it much. She did, however, put MBLBA on a mixed tape for me. The whole tape was filled with some pretty funky stuff, from Birdhouse in your Soul by TMBG to Dire Wolf by the Dead, so I didn't pay attention to it any more than I did the rest of the songs, until about 2 months later, when another friend of mine happened to have Bargainville and showed it to me. I recognized the name (who wouldn't?) and pulled it open. The first thing I noticed was that the damned lyrics were wrong! Who the hell was bell hooks? I immediately wanted to borrow the album, and did, and the rest is history... It should be noted that I am now a bigger fan of the band than both of the people who introduced me to them, at least by measure of albums + bootlegs owned. Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast. Nikolai Faaland "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste. Been around for a long long year, stolen many a man's soul and faith. And I was around when Jesus Christ has his moment of doubt and pain Made damn sure that Pilate washed his hands, and sealed his fate. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name!" -Rolling Stones
Subject: Re: Hi (belatedly) From: Zay Date: 1997/03/10 Message-Id: <> Newsgroups: [More Headers] Nikolai Faaland wrote: but it was enough for me to want to post my own story. Yeah, I read through it, and found that MY story wasn't there! I guess I posted too early and it never got on or something... I hated Moxy Fruitloops (I HAVE heard it called that. Just not by me) or whatever it was that my friend was always playing when I went over to his house. "You're playing that AGAIN?!?!?" There was this one song... "King of Spain" it was ALWAYS stuck in my head when I left. = It took me days to get rid of it. = Finally, the stress got to me and I cracked. I figured that if I was going to have this damned song playing non-stop in my mind, I might as well know the lyrics. So, right before I went to camp for the summer, I got a copy of Bargainville from my friend. The day after I got it, I was hooked. I needed MORE. So I listened to it nonstop. Then I got to camp and had to WORK most of the time, so I could only hear it every once in awhile. By the end of the first week, I had rewritten the lyrics to King of Spain to fit my camp and was planning on performing it at the next campfire (unfortueately, that never happened. I couldn't get enough people to help) = By the end of the summer, I was a die-hard Fr=FCFan. I nearly KILLED my friends when they said that they had seen them at Harborfest. I got copies of the B-album and Wood from another friend, and that's what I've been surviving on until I got the CDs in February. Now I'm saving money for the next concert. And I'm a bigger Fr=FChead than all of my friends now, if for no other reason than I'm the one on the NG, even though they have internet access. Zay