The "Hi!" Thread - Part VI

The "Hi!" Thread - Part VI

From: "A.J. LoCicero" 
Subject: Re: Hi (belatedly)
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 03:02:54 -0500
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Well, I also meant to post during the HI thread, but I never did.  (I
did, however save most all of your posts)  My fruvous story goes
thusly:  Back in 1994 I was flipping channels and I came across this
group of singers who's performance was being televised on CBC
Television.  Being a big A Capella and harmony buff, I was immediately
hooked by their sound.  As well as by their off-beat humor.  I soon
found out that this group's name was Moxy Fruvous, and that they were
from Toronto.  I resolved then and there to keep my eyes open for their
CD in the stores.  From then on, whenever I was in a cd store, I'd
check.  Months later I was doing my usual check, and Lo and behold,
there it was: Bargainville.  

Of course I immediately bought it and brought it home.  I didn't
remember any of the songs from the TV show, but I knew I liked them, so
that was good enough.  I played the album, and was immediately drawn to
MBLABOA and Lazy Boy (yeah, and King of Spain I suppose).  As soon as my
(unspeakable) wife (queen) Lisa got home, I played these songs for her. 
She was not hugely vocal about them right away, but she was hooked
nevertheless.  She quietly began playing the CD and learning the songs
before I even knew it.  

April ('95) we went to Toronto to see Miss Saigon.  We brought Frouvous
along, and were playing it as we drove into the city.  We secretly hoped
that they'd be playing there that weekend, but alas, no such luck.   We
also tried every used record store we could find for the indy tape, but
we learned that those little guys are HARD to find.  

It was about this time that I started following the
newsgroup, and it was there that I saw posts that Fruvous would be
playing at the friendship festival in Ft. Erie on Canada Day (July 1)
that year.  Well, Ft. Erie is an 8 hour drive from Detroit, but we went
anyway.  We even had a friend drive up from NYC to meet us.

The show was excellent, even though the Fruvous set was a short one.  We
learned at that concert that we also love BNL (they were the headliners)
who we'd never heard of before, and that we really don't like Jann Arden
(even if everybody else does).  That was also the day after the release
of Wood, so we got a copy right off the press.  We were very happy to
have seen Fruvous live, but we wanted more.  Our chance came a few weeks
later when we returned from a trip to West VA to a Fruvous post card
telling us that they would be in Toledo that very night.  Lisa called me
and said "would you like to go to Toledo tonight?" and I said "Why?" and
she said "Because Moxy Fruvous is playing" and I said "We're there!"

We first met Murray and Mike when they came up behind us wanting to play
pinball when we were done.  Lisa saw them first and instead of saying
Hi, I'm Lisa, or Hello, or anything, just blurted out "Are you guys
going to play My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors?"  They kind of looked at
each other like "Wow, they know who we are!" (remember this is in '95
they are OPENING for The Rivermen) and said "Well, now we will".

They played a great show, and afterwards THANKED US profusely for
coming!  (Murray wrote "You made our Toledo show.  We owe you $15.)  The
rest is history (a history to which most of you can relate); lots of
driving ridiculous distances to shows (we've gotten to know Ohio solely
because of Moxy.)  And lot's of pleading with them to give Michigan
another chance.  Thank goodness they finally did.  (BTW, The upcoming
Ark shows are going to be SO cool.  The Ark is THE place for them to
play around here.  It's all-ages, so everybody should come.

Well, that's all.  Thanks for listening.


Subject: Re: Hi (belatedly) From: Jessica Miller Date: 1997/03/11 Message-Id: <> Newsgroups: Well, since we all seem to be relating our stories of how we found Moxy Fruvous, I will relate mine also. Two years ago, I believe it was in December, I was preparing to leave Ohio State University to visit my father for the holiday. I heard this new music group on our local public radio station, and you can guess who that was. I was at that time finishing my bachelor's degree in Music performance and vocal pedagogy, so I am by trade a fan of a capella music. Moxy Fruvous was playing that evening at a local club but, I was leaving the next day for Taipei, Taiwan for five weeks, so I didn't get a chance to go. When I came back from the best vacation I have ever had, the band wsa back in Ohio. (By the way I really recommend taking a trip to Asia, the land is stunning. Taiwan was wonderful, and the people are so friendly. My Dad had a great year teaching there at the university.) I went to their next concert which was in Toledo with my friends. I have been dragging my friend's along ever since. This all seems a little strange since I only listened to classical music for four years straight, and now that I am almost done with my Masters degree in Agriculture, Moxy Fruvous is still one of my favorites. I still mainly listen to classical music but, Fruvous and Ani DiFranco have a special place in my repertoire of listening favorites. My story is not so interesting but, who else can say that they missed their first Fruvous concert for a 36 hour plane ride. Jessica R. Miller Graduate Associate, Center on Education and Training for Employment The Ohio State University
Subject: Re: Hi (belatedly) From: (Erin Lee Anderson) Date: 1997/03/11 Message-Id: <5g2auo$> Newsgroups: [More Headers] well, something reminding me that I didn't post how I became a Fruvous fan. I don't know if it's interesting, but it's been so long since I posted that if I don't, I might not qualify for one of those amm-f pins I've heard so much about ;). I was still in high school, and apparently the only person who wasn't obsessed with either Pearl Jam, House of Pain or Depeche Mode. Then I saw the video for "King of Spain", only once, late night on Muchmusic. I recognized the name from the liner notes to BNL's Gordon, but never thought I'd see their tape in the stores - after all it was an indie from Toronto. Next day at the mall, I see a rack of Moxy tapes (...surrounded by a halo of light...;) ). Then "Green eggs and ham" started playing in the store as soon as I picked it up. That's as close to divine intervention as you're gonna get in a suburban mall, I thought, so I bought it. Okay, so it's a dull story. But I must be the only person so far in this thread who wasn't introduced to Fru-dom by referral. \---rin \--- /\ \--/--\-- / \.
Subject: Re: Hi (belatedly) From: (Jusque Moi) Date: 1997/03/11 Message-Id: <> Newsgroups: [More Headers] Mine is kinda different. My first holy moxy experience was at a funeral, of all places. A really good friend of mine, Tripp, died in a car accident, and one of his absolute favorite songs was the Drinking Song. Strangely enough, he didn't appreciate the rest of Bargainville. Anyway, the royal they played The Drinking Song at the funeral to an audience of round about 600 or more people (a big room and too many people for standing room only). Just sitting (or standing there) you could feel the engergy in the room. Tripp was there in a huge, hysterical, residual-energy way, and you just knew that everyone in the room was trying NOT to sing the chorus, trying to preserve some kind of silent respect without too much respect. You talk about holy. It turns out that Tripp heard moxy from my genius quasi-ex friend Cat, who got (stole would be a better word) Bargainville from his parents. I think they heard about them from our public radio station. Nine months after my first hi, I found the cd and listened to it three times in a row, completely mesmerized. I am officially fruvsane. jennyc.:)
From: Date: 1997/03/11 Message-Id: <5g2h2p$> Newsgroups: OK, here's my Früvous tale..... One morning before school I was awakened by King of Spain on the radio. I went to school with it running through my head. The next day, the same thing happened with My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors. After a long and arduous quest through stores, and a few Internet searches, I finally found Bargainville. I was immediately obsessed, and the rest is history. Not as good as the others perhaps, but a good anecdote nonetheless.
Subject: Hi Date: 8 May 1997 13:49:01 GMT From: (Soixante) Newsgroups: References: <> Hello. I just read about the Hi thread at 'A fruvous fanatics page.' And then someone else just posted one. So I wanted to add my little story too. Way way way back in 91 or 92, I went to Toronto for vacation, with my family. One morning, as we were sitting in our hotel room, we happen to catch green eggs'n'ham on some tv show. We all thought it was pretty neat. Later (that day?), we were at a mall, and we were in a sporting good's store I think, which had a television on. And you'll never guess what we saw on it again. That's right. So we decided that we should check these guys out, whoever they are. One night we stopped in a music store, and we found the independant cassette, so we got it. Little did we know.. In 1993, my father had to go to Toronto for the World series. While he was there, he looked to see if he could find anyhting else they had done. He then bought Bargainville, which luckily came out that same year. I loved bargainville, just as I had loved the independant one. In 1994, my sister was listening to the radio and happen to hear concert listings, and Moxy Fruvous was one of them. So we went to the concert. It was indescribably spectacular. It was the first concert I ever went to. And the best. I think you know how it goes from there.... My story is not all that great, but I think it is really interesting to hear about how people first heard of them. Catherine ^-^ !
Subject: hi Date: 9 May 1997 12:56:07 GMT From: (cloud nine) Newsgroups: : i've been meaning to do this, since i think mine is pretty good. hi! (hey, someone else who writes in lowercase. rock on...) my story is not nearly as interesting as Kathy's, but has a bit of a twist to it. a friend of mine in A^2 emailed me with info on the 2nd Ark show, told me i had to come and see them, that he and another good friend of mine really liked them. i thought, "folk music, hmmm..." since that's what my friends are into. finally decided that i owed myself a night on the town, so me and my fiance ambled over to hear them that night. i was hooked from the moment Dave came out and started playing his acoustic piece. oof. i haven't been hit in the stomach by a band for a long while. which leads me to my question -- are there any other fans out there who are over 30? (jeez, i'm older than the band.) i keep reading about those who have been following since they were 12! wow. i'm certainly envious at my age, since i wish i'd been following these guys for the last 7 years rather than some other bands i could (but won't) mention from my college past. really enjoying the newsgroup: the relaxed atmosphere, the useful info, and the interesting posts. kat