Thornhill Review


Reviewed by: Michael Wood

Date sent:      	Mon, 9 Aug 1999 22:56:53 EDT

Hey cats and Kittens...

Mike Wood here...With what may be the first FAN review of the new FRUVOUS

It's currentlt 10 pm on August 9th, the day before the ACTUAL release in
the States and quite a few before the Canadian release date (sorry guys,
that kinda bites).

Due to the fact that the record store nearby has no CLUE about release
dates, they called me and told me they had it in so I RAN over and snagged
it. As a matter of fact Bauhaus had to remind me that the release date was
tomorrow...I had COMPLETELY forgotten. But as fate would have it, there on
my machine was a message: "Mike, this is the *****...we have your copy of
the new Moxy Fruvous disc..It's called THORNBIRD or something"  That made
me giggle...ANYWAY...Let's get down to bid'ness...I'll start with the disc
as a whole:

EXCELLENT.  Now, I know what you're saying "FANBOY!  YOU'D LIKE ANYTHING!"
and I agree, i am PITIFUL that way...but truth is it's a WONDERFUL album. 
Very much like WOOD in a way.  Played rather straight with impressive
music and deep, deep lyrics.  The music is kind of remanissant (spell that
right in your minds) of old-school stuff.  Very 60's early 70's style. 
However it's not so much a COPY of those sounds as it is an homage...It's
as if the boys looked back at what made THEM tick way back when and
touched on the nostalgic parts of them (The "Nostalgia" is, I believe,
somewhere next to the DUODNUM in the digestive tract).

The tracks BRIEFLY..I don't want to take up too much time, and you need to
listen for yourself OF COURSE:

1) Half As Much:
Prominant "Taxman" or "ticket to Ride" influence here...harmonies are
right dead on as always..GREAT choice for first track and not a bad idea
for a single either..

2) Sad Girl:
This is a cute tune..I really liked it when I first heard it last's sympathetic and yet JUST a bit sarcastic...Makes you want to
look at the Goth chicks and ask if it's really all THAT bad. 

3) You Can't Be Too Careful: 
Not the strongest on the album, in my's not a BAD tune, trust
me, it just hasn't grabbed me yet...Essentially it echoes Tom Cruise's
words in "Risky Business": Sometimes you just have to know when to
say...(rent the movie)

4) I will Hold On:
Jian makes googly eyes at the girlies on this one.  Very sweet tune about
the things someone would do for the one they love. Would make a good
wedding song, actually.  (everyone I know is getting married lately so I
have it on the brain).  I like the chorus bunches.

5) Earthquakes:  
I really dig this one.  Very "Greatful Dead" feel to it in the 
harmonies...Music unlike anything the guys have ever really done
before..Very bluesy. Lots of fun. "gettin' pretty, gettin' loved, gettin'
laid" I LOVE it

6) When She Talks:
Nice organ in this one. I always dug organs in pop songs in the
60's..Makes me want to get out my Monkees albums.  Another pretty song. 
I'm impressed with the emotional side of the album so far.

7) Splatter Splatter:
HORROR MOVIES!  dontcha just HATE 'em...Sure, maybe NOW...But this makes
us remember when we loved them...

8) Independence Day:
A MURRAY tune...This was one of my favorites from the last show I saw and
now I remember why.  It's actually pretty heavy lyric-wise..Has a bit of
an Crosby Stills Nash feel in the chorus...Which is a good thing...If you
need to learn your harmonies you might as well go with the best.  Fruvous
takes this sound and makes it theirs.  BRAVO guys.

9) Downsizing:
Easily my favorite song on the disc at this point.  (also, the longest
track at almost 7 minutes).  It's all about the working stiff, and I'm
sure MANY of you can identify. We don't get what we desrve, and in this
day and age we NEED what we deserve. Nice vocal effects on Jian. Also, I
like the mandalin thrown in there. 

10) Hate Letter:
VERY nice song for those of us who have been "left at the alter" so to
 has a great loungy feel to it.  Listen closely in the background as Mikey
  sings some stuff from previous songs. It's a nice touch.

11) If Only You Knew:
FRUVOUS meets the Eagles?  Maybe sorta kinda not really. This is like part
3 of the "Moxy Fruvous Falls In LOVE" Trilogy along with "I will hold on"
and "When she talks". 

12) My Poor Generation:
Perfect closing song. The droning "heartbeat" like beat in the 
background..The harmonies...It makes me think back on "The Gulf War Song"
a bit.  These 2 songs could almost be like...I don't know like the "Gulf
War Song" is the younger version and now it's older a bit and reflecting
back.  Does that make ANY sense?

So all in all, as I said...A great album...If you don't have it, grab it.
It's well worth it. may be their best yet. I hope I haven't given too much
away...And OF COURSE these are just MY opinions...Thanks for your time   

End Transmission.

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