Moxy Fruvous Clothing Auction
Moxy Fruvous Clothing Auction
Last update: July 4, 2003 @ 8:00PM EST

NOTE: This auction will run from Monday, June 30 at 9:00AM EST until Friday, July 4 at 9:00PM EST. (For the first auction run of these items, these start and end dates are NOT flexible! If a particular item receives no bids during the first auction run, I will leave it up here for anyone who later wishes to make an offer.)

During the auction


E-mail ALL bids to with the word 'Auction' in the subject. (Do not send a frumessage via FHDC to place a bid, since I want to keep an archive of all bids in my email folders in the rare case there's some confusion later. I would also suggest that bidders keep a copy of their bid emails around just to be safe.)

Please include the item number and bid amount. For each item, only a bid that is higher than the highest bid I have on record will cause that item's "# of Bids" to increase. I will update the page at least once a day (probably around 10pm EST each night), but will try to update it more often than that. Keep in mind that I may have a bid higher than yours in a new email, and have not had a chance to update the page yet. (I'm doing this by hand, so bear with me.)

Please bid responsibly! We're all friends here, so let's not try to snipe (i.e. bidding at the final moment to beat everyone else out), although since I'm tracking all this in email, sniping may be a bit harder to get away with. ;-)

When the auction is over

I will take check, money order or PayPal (my paypal ID is Obviously, PayPal will be quicker, since with checks or money orders, I will not ship the item until I recieve payment. The buyer will pay all shipping charges. I'll work out the final shipping details with each winner on a case by case basis via email.

PayPal Users: I have a 'Personal' account on PayPal. As such, I can not accept credit cards. But, according to PayPal, "Personal accounts may accept payments funded with a bank account or PayPal balance." (I have PayPal pull money right from my checking account)

None of these items have ever been worn. Some of the pictures have funky lighting...I promise these items are new! Also, the two shirts that mention a worn logo were purchased that way. Marcus and Tobey had to dig deep in the fruvous archives to find me those shirts. ;-)

Photos: Click on the item number for a picture. If there is different artwork on the front and back, the front is on top and the back is on the bottom. Some pictures I used more than once! The item text is the definitive information about an item (e.g. the color of the moon shirts are different, but I just used one photo so you can get the idea of the style)

Item # Item Type Color Size Starting Bid # of Bids Highest Bid Description
FC01 T-Shirt Black XL $5.00 1 $10.00 "Your New Girlfriend" Fall Tour '97 T
FC02 T-Shirt Black XL $5.00 2 $15.00 "Your New Boyfriend" Fall Tour '97 T
FC03 T-Shirt Black XL $5.00 1 $10.00 "Your New Boyfriend" Fall Tour '97 T
FC04 T-Shirt Tan XL $5.00 2 $10.00 EcoFibre (hemp) Wood T
FC05 T-Shirt White XL $5.00 1 $6.00 Frucon 1 T
FC06 T-Shirt Black XL $5.00 1 $9.00 Long Sleeve Frucon 2 T
FC07 T-Shirt Brown XL $5.00 3 $25.00 Yellow Budgie/Definition T
FC08 T-Shirt Black XL $5.00 2 $9.00 Old Web T/Black Oval "Moxy Fruvous" Logo (logo only slightly worn)
FC09 T-Shirt Black XL $5.00 1 $6.00 Old Web T/Red Oval "Moxy Fruvous" Logo (logo noticably worn)
FC10 T-Shirt Red XL $5.00 1 $10.00 Moon Astronaut T
FC11 T-Shirt Green XL $5.00 1 $8.00 Moon Astronaut T
FC12 T-Shirt Purple XL $5.00 1 $20.00 Moon Astronaut T
FC13 T-Shirt Black XL $5.00 2 $20.00 Live Noise Mic Guy T
FC14 T-Shirt Gray XL $5.00 1 $10.00 "Moxy Fruvous" (Moon font) (front)/Red Budgie in Circle(back)
FC15 Hat White adjustable $5.00 1 $10.00 Wood w/ Barry Hat
FC16 Hat Tan adjustable $5.00 1 $12.00 "Moxy Fruvous" (Moon font)
FC17 Baby T Black Baby $5.00 2 $30.00 "I Love Canadian Boys" T
FC18 Baby T Black Baby $5.00 1 $20.00 "Your New Girlfriend" Fall Tour '97 T
FC19 Baby T Black Baby $5.00 2 $30.00 "Your New Boyfriend" Fall Tour '97 T
FC20 Hockey Jersey Black Adult $45.00 1 $50.00 Fruvous Hockey Jersey