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Thornhill (1999)

Amazing. Buy it.

Live Noise (1998)

Früvous Verité! Digital Perspiration! Travel with the boys from Buffalo to Philly to swinging Manhattan on this 70-minute live-action offering. Relive the dizzying highlights of Früvous' late-'97 take-no-prisoners tour. Hear them swoon, rock and cuss their way into the hearts of America. You Want this Album.

Includes: Jockey Full Of Bourbon, My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors, Video Bargainville, No No Raja, Psycho Killer, Johnny Saucep'n

You Will Go To The Moon (1997)

Eclecticism is the hard-to-pronounce by-word here as the boys once again spread their arms and give popular music a loving group hug. From the Middle East to the Mersey, this album has the sound of a band biting off as much as it can chew: daring, yet assured. If you don't own this album, it means you've never heard of Moxy Früvous.

Includes: Michigan Militia, Get in the Car, Incredible Medicine Show

The 'b' Album (1996)

Lighten up! The focus is on fun in this collection of satirical bits and oddities. Contains many faves from the live show. If you don't own this e.p. and refer to yourself as a serious fan, you will be laughed at.

Includes: I Love My Boss, The Greatest Man in America, The Kids' Song

wood (1995)

Früvous' second album - but don't let them hear you say the word "sophomore"! Introspective, brooding, and therefore timeless. A glaring ommision if absent from the collection of any serious fan.

Includes: Fly, Horseshoes, Present Tense Tureen

Bargainville (1993)

Früvous' seminal dart-to-the-heart debut. Experience every emotion you haven't experienced in a long time. A must for the serious collector, and an important starting point for any Früvous virgin.

Includes: The Drinking Song, King of Spain, River Valley, BJ Don't Cry

Web T

The new Früvous logo on the front, the website address on the bank. Available in Khaki or Burgundy.

Tank Top

The new Früvous logo adorns the front of these fashionable little tops. Army Green or Burgundy.b Smashing!

Bucket Hat

The new Früvous logo embroidered on this stylish chapeau. A must. Khaki, green, navy or black.

Definition T

Classic yellow-orange Budgie-Dog with band name on front's upper-left. Long-lost dictionary definition of 'Früvous" on back. Comes in Steel-Blue.

Patriotic T

Front says "I LOVE CANADIAN BOYS" with 'Larry' Flag. Band name on the back. White and red on black.

The Jersey

A bona-fide high-end item. A black, red and gold BEAUTY. Stylin' Frü-dog on the front and "FRÜVOUS" written on upper back in ice-hockey white. Expensive? Gorgeous.


  ____ The 'C' Album  CD            x $15 _____
  ____ Thornhill      CD            x $15 _____
  ____ Live Noise     CD            x $15 _____
  ____ You Will Go    CD            x $15 _____
  ____ B              CD            x $12 _____
  ____ Wood           CD            x $15 _____
  ____ Bargainville   CD            x $15 _____
  ____ Khaki Web T                  x $20 _____
  ____ The Definition T-Blue        x $20 _____
  ____ Patriotic Baby T             x $22 _____
  ____ Tank Top - green, orange     x $20 _____
                  or burgundy
  ____ Hockey Jersey                x $79 _____
                                 SHIPPING _____
                                 TOTAL    _____

Please add $4 for shipping for the first 3 items and $1 for each additional item.

Prices in Canadian funds for Canada and U.S. funds for the rest of the world.

Please send cheque or money order payable to Moxy Früvous to:

P.O. Box 90005
1488 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON, Canada
M6K 1M4     Canada

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