The "Hi!" Thread - Part VII

The "Hi!" Thread - Part VII

Subject: Hi
Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 15:19:42 -0400
From: Mike SantaLucia <>

Hi! My name is Kelly and my husband is Mike.  Sorry it has taken us so
long to post our addition to the hi thread but we've been a little
delireous with the new CD(or at least I have).  We have been posting
occasionally on the ng and have participated on chat a few times.  Now
that I know how to post(recently computer illiterate,gradually becoming
literate) I can post too!  

To get on with our experiences.  We've been part of the ng for about a
year now. Over this year we've read a lot of "Intro to Moxy" stories.  I
thought it was about time I shared ours.  It was back in 1993 after a
good friend(and Toronto native)introduced us to the BNL.  We became big
fans of BNL so he said to us "If you like BNL you'll like Moxy Fruvous!"
As all first timers do we said,"Moxy who?,What?, Where?"  Any how he
gave us a tape to listen to.  It was one a "Best of" tape from CFNY (a
Toronto Alt. Radio Station).  It had groups on it such as Lowest of the
Low, 49 Acres, The Waltons, and Moxy Fruvous.  This tape had 2 of Moxy's
songs on it.  And what do you think they were?  Of course, "King of
Spain", and "Green Eggs and Ham".  We really liked them, so we taped
That summer the same friend told us that Moxy was playing at a free
concert in Buffalo(where we live if I forgot to mention it)called
"Thurday in the Square".  We went with our 10 month old in tow and a
couple of other friends and had our very first Moxy Experience.  To this
day we tell everyone "The tapes and CD's are excellent, but to hear Moxy
you have to see them live!"

Back to the story.  This was a great show in August 1993 (we have photos
of Jian in the long purple coat for GE&H)and it began our lives as a
family of "Fruheads".  The next show we saw was in March(?) of 1994 in
Buffalo at the Icon, then NYE in Buffalo 1994 and 95 at the Tralf.  In
March of 1996 we finally got a hold of a complete list of Tour dates. 
We decided that we would attend any and all that we possibly could, and
we did.  The first of these was in Utica (my home town)in early June. 
At this show we introduced Kelly's brother and girlfriend to Moxy.  Next
show was mid July in Buffalo at the Artvoice Block Party, then Oswego
(Harbour Festival), CNE in early Sept, Ogden St. Concet Hall in Buffalo
in Oct., and to finish the year right NYE in NYC.

Since then we have added Ogden St. in Buffalo in April, The Spectrum in
Rochester, and we will be attending Clinton in May (only 20 minutes from
Kelly's mom-FREE BABYSITTER!).  

I guess you could say we are really big fans (Kelly especially).  Like I
said earlier we are a Frufamily.  Our once 10 month old is now four and
insists on listening to "Horshoes", "Big Fish", and his most recent fav
"Michigan Militia".  I listen to Moxy in the car religiously but he is
worse.  He insists on listening to Moxy over any other tape or radio
station in the car and proceeds to through a 4 yr.old temper tantrum if
we don't comply.  We also have a 21 month old who dances and sings(baby
sings)with all Moxy songs.  You may not believe it but he gets really
excited at "Michigan Militia" and "Johny Saucep'n".  We take our kids
with us to all outdoor venues.  We do this because they enjoy it so much
but also because we can attend without the burden of locating a
babysitter (also indoor venues are rough on little ears).  We have made
a few conversions of late also.  My(kelly)brother has now ventured to a
Moxy concert on his own in NYC(tramps-he attends school in LI). Our good
friends went with us to Ogden St. recently and bought a CD for her
brother (we bought one for them)-they said Moxy is really fun!  

Well, I guess that's about it (I'm sure my husband will inform me of
something I have left out).  We, like the rest of you, are eagerly
awaiting any news of any kind on our fav band, MOXY FRUVOUS.  We are
forever devoted to follow Moxy around like a puppy begging for another
bone or a baby bird waiting for the worm from its mother.

Avoir from Buffalo,

The frufamily

Subject: Re: Hi Date: 14 May 1997 00:52:00 GMT From: "Dan Jablonski" ( Newsgroups: Well, I promised Zard I'd post something, and this thread looks like a good one to jump in on.. I was introduced to Moxy Fruvous in April of 1996, when a bunch of friends dragged me to a concert in Cambridge, MA (a five minute walk from the MIT dorm where I lived at the time). It was a pretty small crowd (for a Boston show..) on a Thursday night, but as Moxy Fruvous can do so well, they put on a superb concert for those of us that showed up... Then in June I graduated from MIT and had no job. But I had the Fruhead card, so I employed myself trekking across the northeast to Moxy Fruvous concerts from Baltimore to Buffalo to Ottawa to Portland.. By the time I started work in January, I had 14 stamps.. Since then, I have cut back on the 400 mile trips, but I'll still drive as far as NYC.. (Well, there was that show in Champaign, IL a few weeks ago thanks to Northwest Airlines counting a 23 hour stop in Illinois as a connection..) Anyway, aside from Moxy Fruvous (and *maybe* Jimmy Buffett), I've never had a concert experience I'd want to repeat 20 times in one year... And it works because the concert experience doesn't repeat--every show manages to be different, even if the set list is the same... See y'all in Albany, Boston, Woodbury............ --Dan
Subject: Hi (con't) Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 11:01:16 -0500 From: (Andrew Bray) Newsgroups: Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Continuing the Hi thread and finally delurking--- My name is Andrew Bray and I am a Fruhead. I think the true addiction actually began when I saw them at the Bayou in March, but I have been listening (and reading the ng) for about a year now. It was at the Bayou I finally met Chris and Zard and picked up my ng pin (Thanks Vic!) and experienced the Fru. Also picked up Wood and B. I found MF through a friend who said if you like BNL you'll love Fruvous. Although each groups music is unique, I think their similarities go further than both groups being from the Great White North. Great instrumentation, some humor, incredible talent and not taking themselves too seriously all factor in to the similarity. So I don't think they sound alike, but there is some tie. I mean, I would certainly recommend BNL to a Fruvous fan and vice-versa. My other favorite band right now is eddie from ohio. There have been plenty of posts about efo here especially since the Harvard show where they played with MF. My "claim to fame" of sorts is that a few months before the Harvard show I spun a copy of Bargainville for Mike from efo and he absolutely loved it. Now whenever I see him he always asks me if I've seen them lately. The other members of efo are big fans, too. All (ironically, except for Mike) were at the Bayou show and had a blast. I have a bunch of efo shows on tape and would certainly trade for some MF....... I live outside of DC now, but I'm originally from just outside of Utica, NY so the upcoming Clinton show (an 8 hour drive) is a homecoming of sorts. Many of my friends and family will be in attendance. See everyone there! Andy
Title: A new Hi thread Author: "Marisa and Mike" Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 23:50:47 -0500 Hi! I read a post just now about how we new NG members should introduce ourselves and tell our Fruvous stories --- well, I'm not one to pass up an opportunity to talk about myself.... I got into the band because my best friend's older sister Lisa (who I've idolized since, like, third grade) told me that she had heard an interview with them on some tiny NYC radio station and thought they'd be right up my alley. I, of course, eagerly ran right out to the Wall to buy the album and was hooked - it's all I listened to the summer of my freshman year of college. Well, that and Phish's "Hoist", and Counting Crows.... but ANYway.... Another Fru story -- this guy I was in LOVE with on my floor freshman year came from Washington State, where apparently BNL and Moxy Fruvous are quite common -- anyway, he had a mix on with songs by these bands, and I thought my heart would explode with love!!! Epilogue - we never got together, but we remain the very best of friends.... and we fool around occasionally ;-D ......... So that's my story! Marisa
Title: Re: A new Hi thread Author: Thomas Fazzio Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 11:35:54 -0500 I guess I never got around to introducing myself, so here it comes. My name is Tom Fazzio, I am a Freshman at Clarkson University studying Computer Science way up here in Potsdam, NY. Moxy Fruvous was first introduced to me by two friends back in high school (the good ole days). High school was ES-M back near Syracuse, NY. One kid had Wood, and since I was going to Canada that weekend, the other wanted me to buy Wood for him. I wasn't too interested, and didn't get around to a music store. This was way back in 1995. Flash to the next year: On the bus ride home from school in December, I see an album of that same band in a bag of a friend. I borrow it for the weekend (Bargainville) and needless to say - I'm hooked. I have always been an opponent to the mainstream, always looking for other things, and how more Fruvous a statment is that? I ask my sister (recently married, what a wedding it was!) for Bargainville by Moxy Fruvous for Christmas. She goes to Media Play with my brother and cannot find the CD. The cleck tells them it is in the Jazz section and they simply don't believe that *I* would listen to jazz... (BTW: Fruvous is now in the Popular Music section in Media Play) Come March, I am in the mall again with my girlfriend and happen to look through the Fruvous rack - a NEW CD! I purchase it immediately and again fall in love with the Fruvous sound. In July I learn that Fruvous is playing at Styleen's and since my girlfriend was under 18, she couldn't go, so my sister goes with me. What a show it was - I was sitting on the right of the stage and loving every minute of it. Got Wood for myself, and am now actively following Fruvous. Most recently, I was in Ro-cha-cha on the 8th for a great weekend. See THAT story on my page: Last week, I made all the songs on the three albums into mp3 files. Only 126 mg! Has anyone else done this, if so please let me know - some of my songs slur a little... see you all in Syracuse on Dec 5, tom.
Title: The new Hi Thread Author: (Gorbitron) Date: 18 Nov 1997 03:37:16 GMT Well I was told Saturday night I would have to put a message onto this thread, and I bring you my classic rambling style?? My name is Gordon Elgart, I am 26 years old, and I am a Fruhead. A few years ago, and I don't remember exactly when, yeP! was playing one of their legendary (in my mind) blowout free shows at Fire and Water, the vegeterian cafe and performance space in Northampton, Mass. Now my favorite place to park myself was at the little counter facing the staging area (not a stage, just an area) writing stuff in my journal or the public journal. Tonight I was in the public journal and I was writing "Discussion Topics" for people who might read the journal. One of them was "yeP! is a silly name for a band. If you were going to name the band, what would you rename it. And "Nope" is right out!" Well anway, John or Jackson (I think John) came up to me during a set break and wanted to know what I was writing when they were playing. I showed them my question and they had me come up to the microphone and ask people. Then some people came over and gave me their suggestions. After the show I discussed them with the band and we decided the best was "Yellow Expatriate Parameceum" (excuse the spelling). Anyway, flash back to their encore. They did this incredibly groovy semi-a capella number about the King of Spain. I thought it was just the greatest thing! I asked them after the show "Hey when did you guys write that one?" To which I think Matty replied (he was wearing a Moxy Fruvous hat at the time. I wish they'd make these hats again) "that's a Moxy Fruvous song..." "Who's Moxy Fruvous?" I asked innocently, not expecting the response I was about to get. The entire band surrounded me angrily and said "you don't know Moxy Fruvous? Go out and buy their album! Tomorrow! Hurry Up!" and perhaps some other expletives. Anyway I was in Boston that weekend and I bought Bargainville and I played King of Spain for my friends and I listened to King of Spain and I walked around singing King of Spain, but I wasn't quite into that much of the album. Then I noticed they were playing at the Middle East one time when i was in town for something completely different. I had some time free, so I went. And the rest is history, I suppose.... This was long enough so I suppose I will post my discovery of the Moxy Fruvous online comminity at a later date. Just one more note. Although yeP! is no more (and this really sucks), at least they gave me Moxy Fruvous, and for that I will be eternally greatful. Thanks for singing King of Spain!!! Gordon
Title: Re: Who is the patron saint of caffiene? Author: (Vika Zafrin) Date: 18 Nov 1997 20:44:01 GMT I'm an undergrad, graduating in May, at the apparently infamous Boston University, located in my favorite city in this country. Note I said in this country, because my singular favorite city is still my hometown (actually a city), Kishinev, Moldova, former USSR. I've been in the States for seven years now, but still consider myself Russian, and don't know if I'll ever be able to say "I'm an American" (is there really such a thing, though?) My major is in Italian (hence all the babble about Italy), and my minor (to which I sometimes pay more attention than to my major) is in theatre arts. I love doing theatre -- have acted, but like teching much better, mostly stage managing and assistant-directing, but I've done pretty much everything short of design. I love (aside from good coffee and Fruvous) languages, green apples, my brother, computers and the Internet, cooking, gaming (role-playing games, mostly Whitewolf and Call of Cthulhu, and strategy games), Renaissance Faires, singing, reading (mainly sci-fi, fantasy, and good poetry), eggplants (to the point where a summer boss of mine gave me a huge one from the Farmer's Market as a goodbye present once), juggling, playing guitar (at which I presently suck, for lack of time to practice/study) and many other things I'm forgetting. I'm currently applying to grad schools, hoping to study Italian (Renaissance culture, theater and cinema), but even if I get accepted to a program I like AND get lots of money to go there, I'll most probably take a year off before plunging into more studies. Eventually, I'm hoping to teach and research at a college/university as my day job, and do fun stuff like theater, Ren Faires (yes, work at one) etc. when I can. Imagine a Beginning Italian prof who dons Faire garb and talks in BFA (Basic Faire Accent) on the weekends! Fruvous... My freshman year, I met a new friend online, in a stupid newsgroup that neither of us liked, the only redeeming quality of which was that we became friends. His name is Andy, and he is (surprise!) Canadian, living first in New Brunswick and then in BC somewheres, going to school there. He was the one who sent me copies of Bargainville and Wood; I was immediately hooked. For a couple of years, I thought I was the only person in this city who knew/liked them, until I met Adam, now a good friend who shares in almost all my Fruvous experiences along with Kayte, his fiancee, my friend, and also a Fruhead. The two of them are really into camping; thanks to them, I have now been to Falcon Ridge twice. There is a whole big group of people I hung out with before really getting into Fruvous, who now love the Lads' music and also go to concerts... although they look at me in all kindsa strange ways when I do stuff like go to NYC to see them. Then again, I get those looks from various folks about other things as well... Why do I stick with saying Moxy Fruvous is my favorite band? That should be self-evident from my review of the Mercury Lounge show. It's not just about the music; it's about the friends, and the improv, and the band's accessability after the shows, and the whole experience of glam folk. ;) And that's my story. *gets off the soapbox* Vika [VEE-kah] Patron Saint of Caffeine
Title: Hi Thread Author: "jaseawall" Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 17:56:50 -0500 Hi. My name is Matthew Keener from Columbus OH & I've been a Fruhead since Spring of '94. That particular spring I was unemployed & consequently had lots of time to listen to the radio, specifically our outstanding public radio station here, WCBE. One day they played "King of Spain" and I was entertained and intrigued. The next day they played "BJ Don't Cry" and I was hooked...I called the radio station and asked "Who are these guys?" I bought Bargainville that afternoon (after much searching through the indie record stores). I've seen every Columbus show since, about six or seven (I don't really keep count...after all, I was a Deadhead in a former lifetime). A friend of mine was taking a (so-called) Communications class at Ohio State, and one of his assignments was to create a video, though not necessarily a music video. I had turned him on to Fruvous some time before, and we decided to do a video of "King of Spain." Naturally, I was the King (it's good to be the king). It took three weeks to shoot (tho' you couldn't tell that from watching it, it is kinda "low-budget") and got an "A" for the six students who worked on it. I got to drive a REAL zamboni!!!!!!!!! (what a gas!) It was silly, still is. I gave a copy of the tape to the band when they played here in April. Caught up with them after the Ludlow's show on 10/8 to get their individual opinions: Dave: "We howled!!" Mike: "Who's the guy? You're the guy!!! We howled!!!" Jian: "An obvious candidate for the Fruvous Hall of Fame." Murray: I forgot what Murray said about it, but it wasn't negative. See ya in Chicago and Cinci this weekend!