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Moxy Früvous has a very unique relationship with its fans, and the fans have a great relationship with each other. The best way to describe it is that we're all part of a tightly knit "family", brought together by Moxy. This section of the pages is for all you fans out there; you can read about fellow Früheads, or contribute information about yourself.

This page will also be a collection of various photos from fans, taken with members of the band, or just the fans by themselves. So, if you have a shot of yourself (with or without members of Moxy), send e-mail to, we'll iron out the details, and I'll put it up here for all to see!!

Früheads together

Clinton, NY - 5/31/97
Back Row (L to R): Chris O'Malley, Jason Reiser, Beth, Craig, Jenn
Front Row (L to R): Chris Traugott, Laurie Addenbrooke

Clinton, NY - 5/31/97
Joan, Andi, & Jay

Port Chester, NY - 6/14/97
Back Row (L to R): Lisa, Matt, CeeCee, Jason, Ella, roB!, Melzie, Jenn
Front Row (L to R): Dan Carps, Leslie, John Greene, Hayley

Bracebridge, ON - 7/5/97
Jason Reiser, Jered, Colleen Campbell, and Chris Traugott

Sudbury, ON - 7/6/97
Six of us crammed into a photo booth

Sudbury, ON - 7/6/97
A group of us, in our hotel, rehearsing the 12 days of Fruvous

Sudbury, ON - 7/6/97
A group of fruheads keeps warm

Newport, RI - 8/9/97 - Pic 1
Newport, RI - 8/9/97 - Pic 2
A group of fruheads w/ Marcus

Philadelphia, PA - 8/24/97
Seated: Jessica, Zard, Michelle, Jenn, Katie, Jenny C, Lisa
Kneeling: Susan Tanner, Craig, Jered, Rich, Catherine, Chris O, Chad
Standing: Laurie, Beth, Nicole, ____, Victorria, Jason, Doug, Scott, Rob, Sharilyn, Sue, Ken, Dede, Chris T

Buffalo, NY - 10/4/97
Pic 1 - Fruheads waiting for doors to open
Pic 2 - Laurie present a gift to the guys
Pic 3 - The gift - a Fruhead photo mural

Asheville, NC - 10/18/97
Group at the Black Mountain Music Festival

Buffalo, NY - 12/31/97
A group of Fruheads celebrate the New Year

Toronto, ON: 2/20 - 2/22/98
A group of Fruheads at The James Joyce Pub (from Ingrid)
Zard, Chris T, Ingrid, hKatherine at the Pub (from Ingrid)
Fruheads pose outside for the camera (center:Ashley MacIsaac) (from Ingrid)
A group sing-along at the convention (from Ingrid)
A *big* fruhead group shot (from Chris/Moe)
Josh & Phil lead the sing-along (from Chris/Moe)
Phil & Rob lead fruheads in a sing-along of Fruvous songs (from Vika)
CeeCee, Rosemary, Sarah, Angel, & Vika at the FruCon (from Vika)
Josh & Rob figure out chords to Fru-tunes (from Vika)
Fruheads at "Compleat Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged" on Friday night (from Vika)
And there were scores of people & more at the FruCon (from Vika)
Fruheads under the entrance lights of the famous Bloor Cinema (from Vika)
A group of fans outside Lee's Palace (from Vika)
AJ's unspeakable wife, with Jude (from Vika)

Somerville, MA - 3/7/98
Cee, Matt, & Rob in the balcony at the Somerville Theater

Cambridge, MA - 5/3/98
Cee, Sharon (Samoq), & Bill

Rochester, NY - 5/23/98
Chris (in back), Moe, Cal, Jo, Jen

Ottawa, ON - 5/24/98
Rosemary & Laurie Addenbrooke

South Norwalk, CT - 8/1/98
Group at the SONO Arts Celebration

Toronto, ON - 2/20/99
Group at Lee's Palace during FruConII weekend

Rochester, NY - 4/24/99
Front to back, left to right...
JP & Amy Schrader
Paul Mischler, Angie Armstrong, Chrissy K, Fiona
Dan Godwin, Sarah, Josh Woodward

Laurie Addenbrooke

Waterloo, ON - 6/22/97 - Laurie w/ Dave
Waterloo, ON - 6/22/97 - Laurie w/ Chris O'Malley & Murray

Bret Agins

Rochester, NY - 6/26/97 - Bret, Mark, Tara, Dave, Murray

Angelique "Angie" Armstrong

My name is Angelique Armstrong, and I've been a devout Fruhead since June of 1997 when I heard the boys at a free concert in Downtown Rochester. I first heard King of Spain on WBER (though I don't listen regularly), and a vocal group at RIT does awesome covers of King of Spain and Spiderman. I have "Bargainville" and "You will go to the Moon," and how fitting and convenient that the US release date for "Live Noise" is on my birthday, May 19th! I've been Moxy-fied 2 other times, once in Buffalo last Fall and a month later here in Rochester... where after the show I had the extremely good fortune of having Dave sign my CD jacket. Sure would be great if the other guys were to sign at some point (:^) My favorite songs are (big surprise) King of Spain, Fell in Love, and No No Raja... cause I play a dumbek as well, and love playing along!


Angie & Murray
Angie & Dave
Angie & Jian
Angie & Mike
Angie & Tobey

Ariana Baseman

Location: Chevy Chase, MD (from Huntington Woods, MI)

Hobbies: reading, writing, camping, biking, listening to music, cooking, driving

Occupation: Senior at American University/waitress/temp

Moxy history: I first heard Moxy in the winter of '95 while interning in Michigan over Christmas break. A fan lent me their CD to listen to and before I returned back to Washington, DC for school I bought Bargainville. Since then I have attended 5 shows in the DC metropolitan area. Two at the Birchmere, two at the Bayou, and one (for free!) in Colombia, MD. I brought my best friend to one show at the Bayou and have converted my boyfriend into a fan (he will not take the title of Fruhead just yet).

Feel free to write me and let me know about any upcoming fruvous tidbits. Or if you want to know anything else about me.


Sigrid Bernhoerster

I've been a fan of Moxy's music since probably around 94 (thank you CFNY & Mix for the introduction). My first time seeing them live was New Year's 94/95 (I think, it was SO long ago) at Mel Lastman Square. The show was incredibly funny and all-round amazing. That was all I needed, I've been to numerous shows around Toronto since and the CDs enjoy regular airplay in my house (to the chagrin of my roommate!). What finally decided me on entering Fruhead-dom were you - other Fruheads. You're really welcoming, interesting and fun - and what's more: you have great taste in music!


Dante Blando

pseudonyms: Hanrahan, Pseydtonne (pronounced "Satan")

hometown: Utica, NY. born 19 March 1975.

current occupation: Controlling the movement of electric money with rubber bands no, really: don't make me type it here.

first Fruvous exposure: September 1995. An a capella group at my college (SUNY-Binghamton) did a cover of King of Spain. However, it was only when my friend Jody said "the original's better" did I learn of Moxy Fruvous. A few nights later, I played Authors on my radio show and that's where it sat until YWGGTM came out. I played that over and over until I found a copy of Bargainville.

first show: I won tickets to the Fruvous show on 9 November 1997 in Utica by answering a question during Captain Mike's famed WPNR interview. That night was amazing, and that might I picked up a copy of the B album. became a proper addict when: I brought home a copy of Wood I bought used in Montreal and played it. From that first tumbling intro, I was seized. Since then, it's been like a proper jones. I've seen the band live in many exotic locales (Ottawa! Rochester! Syracuse! Ottawa again!) and met all sorts of great people through concerts and the chat room. I've learned about all sorts of folk artists, such as Vance Gilbert and Dan Bern, and Canadian bands like Great Big Sea. Fruvous has given me hope for the future of music, and a chance to practice my French. photos: um, I don't have any scanned.

Favorite Fru song: oy, toughie. Gulf War Song, for the potent harmonies.


Kim Blazinski

Johanna, Murray, & Kim

Chris Bray

First saw Fruvous April 25, 1997 at Styleen's in Syracuse at the suggestion of my older brother and Fruhead Andy. Since then have seen them in Utica, Clinton and Syracuse for a total of, I think seven times. You might remember seeing me there with my family, my younger brother Matt and my parents Judy and Dick.

Favorite Fruvous Album: Wood
Favorite Fruvous Song: Its Too Cold
Hometown: Mohawk, NY
College: Syracuse University
Other favorite bands: Eddie From Ohio, Pat McGee Band, Angie Aparo
Favorite Venue: Styleen's Rhythm Palace -- Syracuse
Hobbies: boardtaping and trading, soccer, basketball, kayaking

Utica, NY - 4/17/98 - Chris with the band

E-Mail | Web Page

"Wild" Bill Breen

The low down: I currently live in the nw 'burbs of chicago. My first live show was the SUNY Geneseo concert of early 1996 (for some odd reason I cannot find it here on FDC), but I have been a fan since '92. Shortly after that, I was deprived of all things fruvous by moving to Texas (a.k.a the 8th circle of hell), but on vacations I would pick up the latest disc and hear stories of concerts past from my brother. Before I could leave Texas, I had to train a replacement for the position of "the Southwest Cardinal of the Fru", my buddy, coworker and travel companion Andy (Starfox). ;) I regularly post to the ng and occasionally make a guest appearance on #moxyfruvous. My apartment is open to all fans and there is always room in the backseat during my fruvous treks (which there should be a lot more of now yeah!!!).

When I am not crushing the shoulder muscles of people (:-0) you can find me making the rounds (i.e. yappin') and encouraging group outages for good food and good beer.

Other musical interests: TMBG, BNL, BFFive, NIN, 80s music, (way too much stuff to list)
Hobbies: movies, clubbing, swing dancing (just need willing vict..err volenteers), sports (esp. hockey!), geology, singing
Motto: Its the little things in life that make it worth living.
Favorite Songs: too many to list, Horseshoes is probably my all time favorite fru-tune, and I love Minnie

E-Mail | A pic of Bill

Jen Brewer

Syracuse, NY - 12/5/97 - Jen & Murray

Dave Broyles

Hello, I'm Dave Broyles...I live in Oklahoma City with my wife, Beth, and our dog, Iolus. I am currently working at a local CD Warehouse and attempting to start a band and put out my record (which is already finished). I am 24 and graduated from The College of Santa Fe in '97 with a degree in Contemporary Music Performance...I first heard Fruvous through a canadian film student at the college named Shelly McEntire (didn't she actually know the guys in Fruvous? I seem to remember something about that). That was right around the time "Bargainville" was about to be released in the US; late '93 or so. I have been a fanatic ever since and have every release...Favorite songs include "Video Bargainville", "Drinking Song" of course, "Lazlo's Career" and "Incredible Medicine Show". I have never seen Fruvous in concert, or met any of you Fruheads, because they've never played anywhere near me. Someday, I hope... My other favorite bands include The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, Frank Zappa, Phish, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, REM, Robyn Hitchcock, Miles Davis, Aphex Twin, Beck, Ween, Prince, Mr. Bungle, and many others... I would love to talk with any of you about Fruvous if you want to drop me a line...


Victoria Bryers (Vlad)

First heard demo tape on Sept 4th '91 when a friend brought it back from a Bryan Adams concert they opened for. First waw them three months later at Brock University and have been to every Niagara area show since then.


Carrie Burns

I first heard of fruvous from my best friend, mike wood (who's doin' the comic). He took me to rosebud, in pittsburgh, where we live, when they were in town this past december. I just fell in love with the music. it was the best concert i have ever been to and have seen them twice since. the last time was just 2 days ago at rosebud. it was mike's b-day and we celebrated at the show! what makes them even cooler is that i got my mom into them too; and we never like any of the same stuff:) i wish i could travel to see them elsewhere but i work too much:(

besides moxy fruvous, some of my fave artists r: Rush, the Cranberries, beatles, sinead o'connor, erykah badu, tracey chapman, dream theatre, the judybats, and u2.

my fave fru songs are (not that there are any bad ones): morphee (i think i am the alone on this one; at least with the english only speaking segment of fans.), and fly

hobbies (when i'm not working my ass off): reading, writing songs and poetry, cause i so much want to be like jewel...WHATEVER!!!


Caren Calamita

Buffalo, NY - 6/29/96 - Caren & Murray

Colleen Campbell

IRC bio: ceecee-whose nickname came from the clever and totally original tactic of phoenetically spelling out her initials, from Colleen Campbell-was probably dropped on her head when young. Many times. At least, it's a reasonable explanation for the fact that she's seen Moxy Fruvous perform several dozen times, in Canada, umpteen states in America, and Scotland; has driven 3300 miles for a single show; and generally spends waaaaaaaaaay too much time talking about them and plaguing them. She's friendly, though, and mostly harmless, going out of her way to meet other Fruheads and roadtrip around with them. She first heard of them in Switzerland in August of 1994 and was delighted when serendipity alighted on her two weeks later, running across them in person whilst traipsing about Europe. She wears her pin with pride; and, just in case you're interested, her other favorite pins are a rainbow badge (signifying that if you're female and amenable, you're going to be flirted with), and a pin proclaiming, "Warning: unprotected backs may be massaged without notice." As those who've met her on her travels can attest, it's all too accurate: she's the "massage" half of the Swedish-massage-and-Russian-cooking duo that is FruCasa. If you're in Boston, drop by and visit!

Edinburgh, Scotland - 8/19/94 - Colleen w/ the guys on their way to a radio interview
Edinburgh, Scotland - 8/19/94 - Colleen & Murray (her favorite pic!)
Fredonia, NY - 4/19/98 - Colleen & Heather
Fredonia, NY - 4/19/98 - Colleen & Sheryl


Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu @}--}--}----

In a universally and oft-repeated epiphanical, existential moment, this oldest living Frufan, this mono-appellated, separated mother-of-three from Thornhill (Moxyville) first met the members of Moxy Fruvous auspiciously (and appropriately enough) Canada Day's eve 1994 in Chatham, Ontario, but secretly corresponded with the band for a year previously, owing to a peculiar psychic compulsion (don't ask; it's a long story). Shamlessly and terminally "wrapped around the axle", rosemary (with her troika frequently, if not so firmly, in tow), has seen the band perform 50+ times, but you'll have to take her word for it; she declines to carry a FruCard. Her two favourite MF shows both took place in Port Dover, Ont. Her favourite MF song changes hourly, but Love Set Fire invariably reduces her to tears. A former university English Language and Literature instructor, rosemary spends words like water, as any of her deluged email correspondents or regular #MF chat-mates will sputteringly tell you. In ways innumerable and ineffable, Moxy Fruvous (and its fun, friendly, faithful fanship) has graced and changed her and her sons' lives, forever.

Dave & Rose
Murray & Rose
Rosemary, John, Eugene, Julian


Ben Cordes

I was introduced to Fruvous through a friend of mine from college (Carnegie Mellon Univ., B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering '98), who took me to a show in Pittsburgh in '96. I picked up YWGTTM and Wood at the concert, quickly followed by B and Bargainville at the next concert. Live Noise was then purchased as quickly as possible over the web. I'm an occasional (okay, perhaps 'rare' is a better word) presence on Currently living in Marlborough, MA with Tara Jennings (see later on this list), and always willing to put up Fruheads in town for nearby shows (including Iron Horse gigs).

Favorite album: Live Noise

Favorite songs (one per album): Lazy Boy, Organ Grinder, Johnny Saucep'n, Kick in the Ass, Jockey Full of Bourbon


Marty Cosgrove

Columbus, OH - 8/17/95 - Stache's - Marty & his friends w/ Murray
Columbus, OH - 8/17/95 - Stache's - Marty & Mike ponder


Chris Creech (Talarin)

i was introduced to fruvous about 3 years ago when i stole a fruvous CD from my brother. it was bairganville, and after listening to the first 5 tracks i was hooked. being a youngun, i have yet to attend a moxy fruvous concert but my first will be in one week. yeah! i have also introduced 2 people to fruvous, who are both headstrong fruheads like myself now.


Brian Cregg

Rochester, NY - 6/26/97 - Brian, Mark, Jian & Tara


Patrick and Lori Cuonze

Baltimore, Maryland
Home Town: Buffalo, New York

E-Mail 1 | E-Mail 2

Marc D'Amato

A picture of Marc

E-Mail | Web Page

Marie-Claude Danis

Originally from Hull, Quebec (pronounced "Ottawa, Ontario"), I now live in Toronto and study film at York University. I share Hill House with fellow Quebequoise and film student Katherine Maheux, as well as film-geeks Dave Tobey and Mike Wood -- all of whom should at least ring a bell for you. I spent most of my free (or not so free) time on the road. Bought Bargainville in 1993 and the rest is (little-known) history. Fruvous et al, in a totally non-poetic way, have changed my life for the strangest. Thank you all. No, really. I needed the aggravation ;) If you ever hear of Ingrid Kane, that's me (don't ask), and I'm also known on #mf as Marion. Live, I'm known as MC for the simple reason that it's easier than to trip all over yourself butchering my whole name. You can recognize me as the only chick around with a French accent.

Ingrid w/ Jian
Ingrid w/ the FruCon Flag

E-Mail | Web Page

Mandy David


FruSong--River Valley/Drinking Song/Get In the Car


Education Facility--University of the Arts

Zodiac--Leo (or Year of the Monkey in China) (August 12, 1980) Other Muse-ick--REM, Flock of Seagulls, The Cure, OMD, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, Stray Cats, Love in Reverse, Erasure, Enya, Billy Idol, Danny Elfman

Wot I Do--dye my hair, watch tons of movies, spin under the stars, play like a 10 year-old boy, paint, photograph and be a messy art student, dance with trish, be witty, go on adventures with atreyu, bastian, and the goonies, be a percussionist, play the didjeridu, make Corey Haim faces when required

My Car's Name--The Delorian Moxy Discovery-1993

A picture of Mandy | E-Mail

Christine DeCaires

Rochester, NY - 5/23/98 - Lilac Fest - Christine w/ Jian


Alexandra Demetriou

Amherst, MA - 5/2/98 - Amherst College - Alex w/ Jian
Amherst, MA - 5/2/98 - Amherst College - Alex w/ Mom and Jian


Travis Doggett

I go by SevenCubed, on my artwork. A college professor played Bargainville for the class, while we worked and I've been a Fan ever since. I've only seen Früvous twice, but both were unforgettable. First was in St. Louis, the 8/1/97 show. I was just walking through downtown St. Louis, completely unfamiliar with the town, when I happened upon the guys unloading their equiptment. I was stunned, stammering like a fanboy. Anyway, I cought the show, gave the 'merch fella a few stickers I had made (something for them to remember Me by). The other show I caught was in Columbia, Maryland (the town built by robots), when I got Wood signed by Jian and Murray for my girlfriend, who shares Murray's birthday. I dunno... Moxy's music has really meant a lot to me, and I've turned a Lot of my friends on to them. Hard to sum it all up so tersely. OH! Helpful note. The ü character is created by pressing the Alt key, holding it down, then pressing 1, 2, and 9 on the numeric keypad. Then let go of the alt key, and one can properly type out Moxy Früvous! Um... I guess that's all. my Email's below, if anyone finds it necessarry to communicate further...


Josh Dorin

Though I might be young, I am a devoted fruhead. I try desperately to make the concerts that are in my area and I can go to. I was born in 82, so a lot of show I am not permitted to go to, which sucks. Moxy Fruvous is such a great band. Ever since I heard them at the Newport Folk Festival back in 97, I have been addicted to their music. The first week after the concert, I bought 'You will go to the Moon'. Next, I managed to find 'Bargainville', which my grandmother bought for me. She finds them very original. After hearing of the other albums via '', I searched forever. I couldn't find them. Heartbroken, I went home and then begged my dad to go find 'Wood' and 'The B Album'. He found a Canadian site online and ordered them. Ever since, I have been listening to the albums every single day. In March of 98, I was fortunate to go to the Somerville, Mass show where Fruvous put on a great show. No...I don't think Lincoln was killed by strangulation.


Theresa Duval

First heard Moxy Fruvous on an a cappella radio show. (mispronounced their name: Frugus & Frufous) Since then I managed to get all five albums & look forward to another one soon!! I consider myself a Fruhead, though I know it takes seeing them live. Hopefully they'll be in my area sometime soon! OK, some "me" stuff:

*born 7-22-82; live in Sabin MN. (near Fargo/Moorhead); trying to balance high school with my job & teaching CCD at church while keeping a 3.9-- GPA;

*fav song: definately Fly. Drinking Song next, then everything.

*fav groups: Moxy & Beatles!! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Tonic Sol-Fa, Monkees, BR5-49(met 'em, love 'em)

*misc: Maybe the only Fruhead that has a twin. But Melissa doesn't know how great Moxy is, sadly. I've spent much time trying to convert her & her best friend.

*Email me! My computer can't use "email" links, so I'll write mine out: I'd love to hear from some Fruheads!!


Gordon Elgart

Gordon at the Fruhead Convention

Jill Ellis

Hello all! My name's Jill Ellis and I'm a Fruhead from Rochester, NY. I am currently attending Fredonia State University as a Music Therapy major. I am a big canadian band fan and adore the great music that Moxy Fruvous puts out - from the serious "Horseshoes", "Fly" and "Hold On", to the accapella "I Love my Boss", to the zanny and fun "King of Spain", "Video Barginville" and "Green Eggs and Ham" ! They're great guys on top of it all too!

My other favorite bands include BNL (Hey Jeremy.. BNL heaven god/Fruhead), They might be Giants, Dave Matthews Band, Rusted Root and Tragically Hip.

I work at KB Toys and Memories and More part time and am a full time student at Fredonia State. I also sing, play clarinet and Bass clarinet. As for sports I downhill ski, Jet Ski and knee board. I spend most of my time listening to one of the above bands, being with my wonderful boyfriend Steve ( or doing both.. he likes the same music) and attending concerts with my favorite concert goers Sarah, Sally and Amy Newhouse. (Amy's 9 and has been to 12 Fruvous concerts!) I've met some great people at Fruvous concerts! True Fruheads are a blast to be around before the concerts!

My Fruvous collecton includes my signed Live noise poster and CD sleeve ( by all 4 guys) and my Signed Green Eggs and Ham watch.

E-Mail 1 | E-Mail 2 | A pic of Jian, Sarah, Jill & Amy

Andrea Eves

First saw Fruvous live in Chatham (June 94). Since then have only seen them in Thunder Bay...hoping they'll start doing shows in northern Minnesota so I can see more concerts!

Future ambitions:
1)Beat Murray in video racing
2)Be able to keep up with "Johnny Saucep'n" one day

Fav Moxy songs:
Bargainville - GWS, Authors, Bittersweet, KOS
Wood - Fly, Bed & Breakfast, Misplaced, Nuit de Reves
YWGTTM - Lee, Love Set Fire, YNB, KITA
B Album - Whole darn thing ;)


Nikolai Faaland

Nikolai sporting his 'Wood' shirt

Thomas Fazzio

After 2 years, 9 cities, 12 concerts and 1 FrüCon II, I am ready for more! I have become one who is willing to road trip for hours just to see a show. In my adventures, I have dragged many people into other countries (granted it was Canada), been lost for a grand total of nearly 24 hours, and even stood at a Thruway exit in a phone booth with my sleeping bag in the rain for an hour with no ticket to the upcoming show. I've been able to enjoy road trips to Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Toronto with my parents, an aspect only a FrüHead can enjoy about following a band. Thank you to everyone who has put up with my insanity and even helped me become more insane, but have fun the whole time. Especially thank you to Mike, Dave, Jian and Murray for easing some rough times in my life through your music and personalities. Look for me on IRC with the nickname 'fonze' and the newsgroup using my real name!

4/17/98 - Tom w/ Jian | Tom w/ Mike | Tom w/ Murray

E-Mail | Web Page

Ben Feingold

A picture of Ben

E-Mail 1 | E-Mail 2 | Web Page

Andi Fitzer

7/31/97 - Mike, Andi, & Murray | E-Mail

Elise Fitzsimmons

Hi my name is Elise Fitzsimmons. Im from Rochester,NY...I've only been to one Moxy show but I really enjoyed it. The band is funny and puts on a really good show. They really know how to get the crowd into, I loved it because Murray looked over at my friends and I and he was smiling at us and when we couldnt sing during one part he mouthed, "come on" to us so a friend of mine belted out the words. This was the show at the Lilac festival, May 23rd. Well, I guess Im just writing to get on this list because I think its cool.

I was born August 22nd, 1980. Im a senior in High School, but attending Bowling Green State U in Ohio next year...which I doubt I will get to see you guys there. I will attach of pic of myself, since I dont have one with you guys :-( Hopefully though I will get one someday!! Alright, well I suppose Im done. I hope I get to see you guys again sometime and hey, make a trip to Bowling Green (You guys can come see me and I'll invite friends from Rochester!)!! Keep me posted on all concert info to Rochester and maybe that trip you make to Bowling Green!!

A picture of Elise | E-Mail

Jered Floyd

Dan & Jered from FruCon

E-Mail | Web Page

Matt Fox

A picture of Matt

E-Mail | Web Page

Shirley Franc

Shirley & Dave

Madeline Franklin (Myla Fantastik)

Well, let's see... I've been a Früvous fan since February of '99. I've got all of their easy to get albums, my favorite being Live Noise, and I can't wait until August 10 when their new album comes out! It's hard to say why the're my favorite band. Probably because of the lyrics. Lyrics mean a lot in music to me, because one of the reasons I quit listening to alternative (other than the fact that it's mainstream now) is because the lyrics really don't make sense. They take clips and phrases that sound good by themselves, then put them together... eew. But Früvous has intelligent lyrics that tell a story, and I like that. The band members themselves have outstanding personalities from what I learned from their live album and their concert I attended in Fort Erie. And from what i hear, they enjoy the company of their fans as much as we do them! Sadly enough, I've yet to meet them personally. If they stick around for a few more years I'll beable to drive to their concerts by myself, and that's all I need to go to the perfect concert; don't need to worry about rides, and i get to hang around after the concert to meet the lads! What kind of Früvous person am i? well, it was a toss up between Murray and Jian. And Mike. And Dave. So I decided that i was just that: a Früvous' people. Murray because he's the bass of the band (heheh, very punny) and i play bass as well. Jian because of his outgoing stage personality. Mike because of his skills, and Dave because... well, he's just cool. Hey, what kind of music would you classify them under, besides Canadian (and amazing)? My other favorite bands are oddly enough Reel Big Fish, The Toasters, Save Ferris, and Our Lady Peace.

Favorite songs on albums: Bargainville: Laika The B Album: Jenny Washington You Will Go To The Moon: Lee Wood: Nuìts de Rêve Live Noise: Jockey Full of Bourbon

My hobbies: playing bass, sketching, *MUSIC*, writing novels, amatuer videos >:) (no, not that kind!)

Screen names: Myla, Myla Fantastik, Saffire, souleater2000, Mistress0fDeception, LadyDeceptor, and formerly Phoenix1


Fiona Gardiner

I've been a casual Früvous fan since Bargainville came out, but became an actual Frühead in the summer of '97 after discovering the newsgroup and meeting a small group of Früheads at Taste of the Danforth in my hometown of Toronto. Now I'm a #moxyfruvous regular named Nafs, I've started the a.m.m-f quotelist and I've seen Früvous way more times than I would previously have thought sane. This is my fourth and last year at the University of Guelph (affectionately known as U of Moo) where I major in English and help out with the Sign Club. I'm easily spotted at a show.. the girl Stage Murray who signs applause rather than actually applauding. My most cherished accomplishment to date is my transliteration of "Horseshoes" into ASL.

E-Mail | 10/31/98 - Me and Amy Brunner (snonsumr)

Shane Gasteyer


Ellie Giuffrida

Ellie with the guys at Philly Folk Fest

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Emily Garrett

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Lisa Goldberg

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Camille Goudeseune

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Mike Greenberg

Mike Greenberg can be generally found at any of the NYC local Fruvous shows decked out in a Toronto Blue Jays cap. He was introduced to Fruvous while attending Buffalo State College and hearing them on CFNY. After graduating from college, he drifted apart from them until Live Noise came out. As a NYC teacher, he often uses Fruvous in the classroom, teaching the children such standards as "Johnny Saucepan". On one exam, he did ask the students "In what state will you find the lowest highest point?" He is sometimes found at #moxyfruvous using the monicker "FruTeach".

A pic of Mike


Jenny Griffee

Jenny Griffee, a Fruhead from Seattle, WA, first saw Moxy Fruvous perform on CBC's Adrienne Clarkson Presents. She promptly went out to buy Bargainville and became a devoted fan. Five years later, she has bought/committed to memory all the albums, found and converted other Fruheads in various places, and has finally seen Moxy Fruvous in concert twice... on very long road trips.

Jenn wears glasses and size nine shoes, spends way too much time at concerts, and spends way too much money on novels and CDs. Her name is not Jennifer. Her AOL screen name is JennCyn, by which Jian actually identified her at a show (to her endless amazement). She also has a Web site growing out of control, including her Fruvous Web pages, which reside at


Adam Hartfield

I first got into Früvous at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in 1997. Marty Rosen, my friend from Words-L ( insisted that I come to the Festival to hear the amazing Moxy Früvous. After I spent my CD budget on other artists, Moxy came onstage at dusk. Up to that point I had been reclining on the hill enjoying the sky, but the whole hillside stood up en masse to start dancing to Fruvous. I was hooked. I just remember swaying to the Drinking Song and all the lights of people's lighters. Anything that could affect so many people so profoundly deserved more checking out, so at my next paycheck I went and got Bargainville and YWGTTM. I got Wood and B at the first concert I went to, the Iron Horse in August 1997. From that point on I was a total Frühead and committed myself to going to as many local concerts as I could.

I often go to concerts with my sister, Melanie Demetriou. You'll usually find us in front of Murray as we are bass fanatics.

I live 20 minutes south of the Iron Horse in West Springfield, MA. Crash space on my living room floor and The World's Ugliest sofa is open to anyone who want it, anytime.

Other music I like: Patsy Cline, anything from the Baroque period, Wagnerian opera, Handel's Messiah, Lionel Hampton, and pretty much everything else.

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Caitlin Hazen

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Brian Hodiak

I've been a devout Fruvous fan since I heard Bargainville back in 8th grade, so I guess that would be......1993. My first Fruvous show was at Friendship Festival 1994, I think. Whichever year they played with Peter Frampton. I haven't missed a Buffalo show that I was allowed into since. I am now a freshman at RIT studying Microelectronic Engineering. I recently went to the Harro East show, and I'm not planning on missing any Rochester shows, either. :) I like Fruvous, South Park, ...


Kaite Hoover

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Trevor Hyland

I'm a thirteen year old and I live in Western New York. I love Moxy Fruvous. I was told about them by a friend and started listening to them.


Jared Irish

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Dan Jablonski

Dan has seen the following shows:

April 1996 (Middle East, Cambridge), 6/2/96, 6/5, 6/29, 8/23, 8/29, 8/30, 8/31, 10/12, 10/13, 10/22, 10/23, 11/1 , 11/2, 12/31 (late set only), 3/15/97, 3/16, 3/21, 3/22, 3/29, 4/11, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 6/12, 6/13 , 6/14, 7/5, 7/6, 7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 8/8, 8/21, 8/22, 8/23, 8/31, 9/26, 9/27, 9/28, 9/30, 10/2, 11/14, 11/15 , 11/16, 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, 12/7

Dan & Jered from FruCon | E-Mail

Eric Jackson

I am Eric Jackson (Hell Hotel), and I just realized that i never added my name to this list..i figure i should do so.

Here's my little FruDitty:

As of 2/15/99 I've only been a FruFan for about 4-5 months, I first heard about the lads while i was doing some tape trades. About a month or so later I was in my local Sam Goody and was looking for some new music...and I came across Live Noise, battled with the idea of buying it on such an impulse for maybe 5-10 minutes then decided what the heck. It took only 1 song to fall in love with the music!! Thats my "how i stumbled upon the greatest band in the world" story and as of today I am anxiously awaiting friday and my trip to FruCon2 along with my first 2 fruvous concerts!

fav frusong: gotta say, Love Set Fire...Murray is in top form for that one! my fruambition: to be able to sing along with Johnny Saucep'n without tripping over my own tounge

the picture attached is me taking a picture of myself...the best way to describe it: "What happens when you give a moron a camera and tell him to waste film"

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Tara Jennings

I've been a fruhead since I first saw them in Pittsburgh, PA in 1996. I've since relocated to Marlborough, MA. I'd really like to hear from other fruheads in the area! hmm..fav, no no raja..heck, all of them!

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Scott "Novac" Jesmore

A 1998 graduate of Houghton College, Novac somehow fooled the college into giving him a BA degree in Communication and Philosophy. Novac works at a company in Syracuse that owns five of the city's radio station, but he is truly a philosopher at heart. He'll almost always strike up a conversation on philosophy if you supply the topic. After having attended several shows without interacting with any Fruheads, Novac busted into the Fruhead scene rather quickly.via the newsgroup, IRC, and the Frumiles weekend in TO.
You will probably find him at any shows in Syracuse, Oswego, Roch, Buff, and NiFalls, along with various other shows. He attends as many concerts as he can afford (and a couple more).
Hometown: Pulaski, NY (north of Syracuse)
Favourite Album: Wood, (2nd Bargain)
Favourite Songs (1 per album): GE&H, Spidey, Nuits/Horseshoes/PTTureen, Jenny Washington, KitA, KoS[CMV]/LHPoint, IWHO
Other favourite Bands: Ookla the Mok, TMBG, BNL, BFFive, Lincoln
Lost Früginity: November 2, 1996 at Buffalo's Ogden St. Music Hall
Live "Moments": Being scolded by Jian for requesting Jenny W right after I Will Hold On, Getting Jian's dance during I Love My Boss at Danforth
Favourite Venue: Styleen's

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Jason Johnson

I'm a Fruhead from Canton Ohio, where I go to Kent State University. My favorite band is The Spice Girls, yeah right! My hobbies are Drawing anime/manga, collecting Tori Amos and Star Wars stuff. Sitting in front of the T.V playing Final Fantasy VII for hours, and going to every Moxy Fruvous show I can. Please give me some meaning in life and email me!


Sharilyn Johnson (Früchick)

Winnipeg, MB - 9/6/94 - Rolling Stone Cabaret - Sharilyn & the guys
11/12/95 - Sharilyn & Murray


Victorria Johnson

A pic of Victorria

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Steve Kratz

My name is Steve Kratz and I am a relative newfrü. My first show was on April 27, 1997 at the Spectrum in Rochester. Since I have gone to only two shows, but they were both great games. The first was on October 4 of that year in Rochester at the Harro East. the second was July 25 of 1998 at Styleen's Rhythm Palace with my sister. I brought my sis at that show and I converted her to Früism.

I first heard the band through Jason Childers, a Frühead at St. John Fisher where I want to school. He let me hear Bargainville and I was sold, no I'd try to see them as often as my job allows me.

I'm from Canastota, NY. A small town in the middle of nowhere. I can be found at my job at a local newspaper or on Sixdegrees (nick: Steve120). Also like BFFive, Billy Joel, Phish, among numerous others.

Hometown: Canastota NY

Fav. Songs (per album): Gulf War Song, Present Tense Tureen, Kids song, Sahara, Jockey!


Mary Krause (Cricket)

I first discovered Moxy Früvous back in '94/'95 in the La Salle University newspaper office when some girls from Buffalo dropped off the indie tape (and then later Bargainville), describing Früvous as "a great band...big in Toronto." It was an instant hit with the entire staff which just never happens. We haven't missed a Philly concert since, despite having graduated. When my best friend finally converted to FrüHeadism in 1997, the traveling began.

I work as the webmaster for a electronics tool company by day and at MusicBlvd.Com parttime at night. Other interests include booking local bands for Tornado Productions and freelance web design for folks like Tory Cassis. My own site has handy links for any traveling FruHead. Come visit!

Mary & Murray

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Tina Krawcyk

Hi, my name is Tina Krawcyk aka Spaz as dubbed by a frufriend of mine. I'm from Middletown, NY, but have lived in Syracuse and am currently living near Philadelphia, PA. I joined the Fruvous family three years ago and don't think I'll ever leave. I own Wood, the b album, Bargainville, Moon and Live Noise. And I bought myself a T-shirt at the last concert I went to. I had to, it was my birthday after all. I drove six hours just to see them and my Frufriends on my birthday, I must say it was definitely worth it. The best concert I've ever been to was in NYC. It was a completely different crowd than what I was used to, and I don't think I'd ever seen the guys themselves have so much fun. Right now, though, I'm going to school and haven't been to a show in a while. I'm going through withdrawal, but hanging in until I can catch them again. I'm always interested in meeting other fans, so feel free to email me if you can.


Kat Kunz

I was first introduced to Moxy Fruvous at the most inopportune of places: study hall during semester exams. The fellow sitting in front of me turned around, placed a purple cd in my hands and instructed me to listen to track 10. I laughed so hard that my entire advisory felt compelled to silence me. The rest, as they say, is history: I took the cd home with me, listened to it for about a week, then returned it with a promise to myself to check into this "moxy" group. It took a bit of an interlude before I picked up _Bargainville_ on a whim in March--and I could listen to nothing else for several weeks. Within two months, I'd acquired every album I could [including those released only, at the time, in Canada], and _Live Noise_ became the first album I've ever actively sought out on the first day of its release. Since then, I've attended every show I could around my hometown of Dayton, OH (and a few in NYC, too...). There is *nothing* in the world like seeing Fruvous live. But then, if you're reading this, you probably know that.

Other musical groups I like: They Might Be Giants (my former musical obsession; now, Fruvous has taken over), Barenaked Ladies, R.E.M., Tori Amos, Ben Folds Five, the Nields, and the Arrogant Worms [the latter two thanks to recommendations by the wonderful folks on a.m.m-f]

Favorite FruSongs: as a whole, wood is my favorite album--the sort I could listen to for extended lengths of time without tiring of its music. Besides, I speak French, so I adore Nuits de Rêve... Otherwise, I love "River Valley," "Fell in Love," "Horseshoes," "No No Raja," and "I Will Hold On." But choosing these is like choosing among flavors of ice cream: they're all good. It just depends on your mood. :) Check out my Fruvous site for concert pics & other tidbits!

Jian & Kat | Murray & Kat | Mike & Kat | Dave & Kat
Columbus, OH - 6/9/98 - Kat w/ Fruvous | E-Mail

Sue Lasota

12/5/97 - Sue, Murray, & Christine Kwiecinski (LtoR)


Andy LeCren (Starfox)

A Chicago ex-patriate, I am currently residing in the Fruvous-deprived city of Ft. Worth. I was introduced to Moxy Fruvous by my co-worker and bud, "Wild" Bill Breen. Attending my first show in the little town of Ft. Smith, AR I was defruvinated in style by Jian Himself.

My musical taste range widely from classical, to gothic, to acoustic, to punk, to electronica, and a variety of other mainstream types of music. Living so far from Fruvous-frequented territory makes it hard for me to make shows, but I try to make the big ones. :)

I am currently endeavoring to bring the True Light of Fruvous to the largely country-loving dezinens of Texas and hope to one day build a big enough following to summon Moxy Fruvous to once again grace this state with their presence. Hopefully it will be before I leave here. :)

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Doug Levy

San Francisco (formerly from suburban Washington DC)

After missing a Southwest airlines flight in the fall of 1996 and having a $39 ticket I didn't know what to do with, a friendly ticket agent at the Baltimore airport suggested that I use the flight credit "to see this fun Canadian band called Moxy Fruvous." I looked at her all puzzled and said, "I should do what?" After she convinced me that these guys were worth seeing, I found myself on a 737 heading for Cleveland. Yes, I went on a Fru-trip before I'd even heard Fruvous music. Since then, I've logged more than two dozen Fru- trips and around 30,000 air miles and haven't for a moment thought that it is silly. (I'm not going to add up how much this obsession has cost me!). I've even picked up some useful new skills, like how to pack large numbers of total strangers into hotel rooms. Reality is that I've made some fantastic friends and seen some far places and have a lot of fun thanks to Moxy Fruvous. And I like their music a lot, too.


Miriam Libicki

Miriam's first Moxy Fruvous song was "My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors", sent to her on a mixtape serendipitously by someone who is, inexplicably, not a Moxy fan early 1997. She & her family loved the song (still do), but didn't think much of it until the next October when the paper mentioned the band's coming to Columbus. On a whim, they went & Miriam has not been able to think of much else since. She attended another cocert in Cleveland, then she bought Bargainville, then she drove up to Cincinnati & didn't get into a concert (*&^$#@% ageism), then she bought You Will Go To The Moon. Miriam treasures all her Moxy Fruvous music & experiences, & now all she wants is MORE.

Favorite musical people aside from Moxy Fruvous: the Beatles, Elton John, Joni Mitchell

Interests aside from Moxy Fruvous: reading, writing & art

A picture of Miriam | E-Mail

Missy Limina

"Atlanta, GA. never been to a show, because they never play here. (If they do, nobody ever advertises it...) Limited access to Fruvous material, but I love what I have."


A.J. and Lisa LoCicero

My unspeakable wife and I live in Dearborn, MI (near Detroit)

We became Frufans when we bought Bargainville in, perhaps, early 1995. I had seen fruvous performing on CBC television during the Bargainville tour several months earlier, and had resolved to buy the CD if I ever saw it. One day I found it in a local record store and snapped it up. I brought it home and played it, reminding myself thereby why I had liked these guys so much on TV and had wanted to buy their album. Later I played My Baby Love's a Bunch of Authors for Lisa (since the song seems to have been practically written about her) and got her hooked as well. The rest is history.

I am a freelance film and video writer/producer/director by trade. Lisa teaches high school Spanish at Greenhills, an independent school in Ann Arbor. We are expecting our first child in March 1999. This will no doubt cut into our ability to attend Fruvous shows, but we fully intend to drag the poor girl to any concerts or festivals that we can.

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Jim Ludwig

Jim works at Fisher, Towne & Associates, where Jim maintains a Barenaked Ladies site. They also currently host Fruvous Dot Com. Thank you!! :-)

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Carrie MacD.

First Früvous show: Harbourfest 1998, Oswego, NY

Hometown: Hoffman Estates, IL

I first heard about the boys sometime last semester. The Ithaca College Men's Chorus (aka Ithacapella) did a cover of King of Spain, and I(of course), loved it. =)

However, I knew that there must be more...

I will admit that, although I liked what I had heard of Früvous (in addition to KOS, that is), I still never bought an album or went to see a show. =( Until, Harbourfest, when I lost my Früginity. My first Früvous experience was incredible, and I've been a fan ever since. I just got back a couple of hours ago from my second show (December 1st, The Haunt, Ithaca, NY). Though I cannot rightfully call myself a Frü-head yet, I'm on my way. =) I think I'm going to the show in Clinton, NY on Dec. 3rd.....Mike, can you sign my t-shirt next time? The other boys did. =)


Dawna MacIvor

The first time I heard Moxy was in 1993 when two friends sang along with "Green Eggs and Ham" on the way to Massachusettes. After that, I was hooked. And the addiction is slowly but surely growing stronger.

I have now seen Moxy live four times, and am definitely addicted to their live energy. Once at Harbourfront (1995), once at the Ottawa Folk Festival and at the CNE (summer 1996), and now at Old Fort William's Rockin' at the River's Edge (July 1998). Their latest CD, Live Noise, definitely captures a lot of the live stuff, but it's really hard to get the energy that you'd get live through the recording. Of course, now I'll never look at Kermit or Elmo the same. (If puppets are naked, then how did Donald Duck get away with wearing no pants?!?) I'm SOOOooo looking forward to the next time they come to town.

Hobbies: Photography, hiking, reading, camping, cycling and checking out
Future goals: More interviews with the guys! (This time over coffee, right? No soccer? *grin*); to be able to sing Johnny Saucep'n as fast as they do without my tongue getting tied half way through the song!
Body piercings: one
Fave Fruvous songs: the new single they introduced at the concert, Fly, Green Eggs and Ham, Gotta Get A Message 2 U


Johanna Macke

Jess, Mike, & Johanna | Johanna, Murray, & Kim


Katherine Maheux (hKatherine)

Fifty-five words? Just fifty-five words to say everything there is to say about me *and* Früvous? I won't make it.

"Film student"? Nah, they all know that already.

"Früvous Fan?" Well, *duh*, look around. Hm... Think, hK...

Wait, I know. Two words: Paul Simon. Yup, Moxy Früvous *and* me. Still crazy after all these years.

The Cat in the Hat!
Katherine w/ Jian


Lori Martin

Classification: Frühead (2nd-degree; working toward 1st)

FrüHistory: Lori was first made aware of the FrüFour while living near Ottawa 1993-95, but only heard them infrequently. Upon moving home to Philadelphia she discovered them all over the WXPN playlist, and became enchanted by their humor and versatility. Lori was deFrüginized 6/6/98 at Appel Farm Festival, NJ. She fell in love upon meeting the lads themselves that day, especially when Jian generously appointed himself the guardian angel of her marriage, and designated his Live Noise autograph the talisman that would keep it intact. :-D

She subsequently has seen them at King of Prussia PA 8/2/98; Ottawa Folk Festival 8/28-29/98 (four, four, four shows in one, including the infamous Luxor Jam!);Wilmington DE 11/11/98; Katonah NY 11/13/98.

Lori has a husband, Steve, a Früfan himself who endears himself to her by being amused by rather than jealous of this infatuation. She also has a son, Andrew, a contrary little Früfan -- it's not cool to like Mom's music, but he just can't help himself. Her three cats generally stroll into the room whenever she starts dancing to one of her Früvous CDs, so she fondly imagines that they are all Früheads as well. She has been known to act as a FrüConfectioner, and to aid ladywench in accomplishing truffle-related missions. She is quite addicted to amm-f and its friendly denizens.

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11/11/98 - Wilmington, DE - Trace, Jian, Lori, Jim, Alan
11/11/98 - Wilmington, DE - Lori, Trace, Dave, Jim, Alan

Jordan McClure

Jordan McClure enjoys travelling the world and finds himself obsessed with ornithorhyncus anatinus, the platypus. He recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he spent much of his time observing this animal in the wild. He now works in Chicago for the world's leading provider of Internet coupons.

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Anna McGahey

Hi from the deep South!

I first saw Moxy Fruvous in King of Prussia, PA at the Sunday Concert Series. After four years of living right down the street, I had never been to one of those concerts. I had no idea who was playing, and when I found out I though, "Who in the hell is Moxy Fruvous?" Now I know that was the best $6 I have ever spent! I fell in love that night, and have since been on a quest to build a Fruvous CD collection. Live Noise has become a permanent fixture in my CD player. Here comes the sad part of my tale: Two days after seeing Fruvous for the first time, I left for college here in Oxford, MS. I feel like I couldn't be any farther from anything Fruvous. No one here has ever heard of them. I wish I had some kind of Frunews to offer up, but what I am really writing for is help. I am hoping to use your web page to find some Fruheads in this area. Perhaps we could band together to get Fruvous playing in the South, or travel to shows en masse! I need to find someone to understands! Thank you for your page. It has been very helful for me to keep track of all things fruvous, and generally stay sane.


Bobbi Mendel

First heard of Fruvous via the Bridgeton (NJ) Festival in 1994, subsequent air-play on WXPN and then the 1995 Philly Folk Fest appearance. Been a concert-goer ever since usually with my ever-patient husband (He gave me the hockey jersey for Christmas!) and enthusiatic daughter in tow. Biggest thrill: Got up the nerve to approach Jian for autograph at Spring Gulch and he said "We've met before..." Nope, only from across a crowded room...but it was nice of him to say it.


Jen Meyers

Hey all, this is Jen, aka cheesemonkey_fruvite. Fruvous became my fav band wayyy back in 93, going back to my elementary school days! One summer day I was introduced to my brother's Bargainville cd, and I can vividly remember sitting in his room playing it and becoming completely entranced by this amazing band. My brother then told me that fruvous came to play @ his school (my soon-to-have-been high school!) only a few months previous. ACK! NO! But then to my total bliss, two months later they came and played again in my city to do a show promoting Bargainville. Thus, I was hooked. Since then I've been to about 12 shows around my area (being license-less and underage prevents me from seeing A LOT of shows), the latest being the fantastic show @ RIT. Now I am patiently awaiting the month of June, as I will be turning 19!! Becoming legal drinking age will enable me to see more shows, here in Canada at least.

Looking back, I find it amazing that I have had the same favourite band for 6 years, but when seeing a fruvous show or popping in a fruvous cd, I can totally understand why. An evolving band with such staying power, Fruvous has the gift of incredible musical talent and clever, witty, intelligent, KICK ASS FUN concerts that I will always love!

Home city: St. Catharines, Ontario Lost Fruginity: Sept ‘93 Fave Fru Album: depends on mood :) Fave Fru Songs: I've heard it all of 3 times, but I Will Hold On reverberates through my head so often. It's just one incredibly amazing song classic faves: River Valley, Gulf War Song, Down From Above, Misplaced, Bed and Breakfast, Lee, Get in the Car, Kick in the Ass, I Love My Boss...

I love to sing and dance and act, and my being given a lead role in my highschool musical was a great experience for me and it has cause me to want to participate in others. I also love to write (as is evident by this mini-novel) as well as read, and I am passionate about music!

My other fav groups are Spirit of the West, The Holly Cole Trio, Great Big Sea and The Tragically Hip. Other bands/artists I love are Ben Folds Five, Tori Amos, Bjork, The Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra, Harry Connick jr, Ella Fitzgerald, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, the Beatles, Crash Test Dummies, Dion, Queen, Frank Sinatra, the cranberries, Diana Krall, Ashley MacIsaac....

I love oldies, disco, 80s pop, classical, jazz, funk, pop, alternative, swing, bigband, broadway, motown, larrytown, curlytown..

E-Mail | A pic of Jen

Beth (from L.A.) Miles

A pic of Beth

Brent & Marianne Miller

We're Brent and Marianne Miller from Pittsburgh, PA. We met in a college art class back in 1978, we dated for almost ten years and were married in 1989. We don't have any kids, but we do have a wonderful mixed breed dog 'Joe Miller' that we rescued from an animal shelter on our first anniversary. Perhaps the phrase that best describes us is 'two bodies, one mind.' We are soul mates who share a love for many things, especially music. Enter Moxy Früvous.

We first saw Moxy Früvous August 6, 1997, from that day forward, we've been hooked! It was a free show at Borders Books & Music in Pittsburgh. Their performance was incredible! We had never experienced anything like it in our lives. After the show, Dave, Jian, Mike and Murray asked US questions and signed our newly purchased 'You Will Go To The Moon' CD. We were shocked by how down-to-earth, intelligent and genuinely funny they were. The next night, we brought two friends to see Moxy perform live at Rosebud in Pittsburgh, needless to say, they were immediately hooked.

In our first year as Früheads, we've traveled to Toronto (for the Frühead convention) Fredonia, NY and Cleveland, OH to see the band; nine shows in less than ten months. Some of our favorite Früvous experiences have been the live shows, getting to know other Früheads and designing and producing the First Annual Frühead Convention t-shirt.

Mar, Brent, Millie (Mar's Mom who has also seen Früvous) & Shirley at Niagara Falls

Paul Mischler

Location: Rochester/Buffalo, NY

Moxy History: I was first introduced to Moxy Früvous in my music theory class when "Gulf War Song" was chosen as song of the day. The next day, "King of Spain" was played in class, and I was hooked. It was quite a while before I made it to a concert...

My Früvirginity was broken in November 1997 when I got to see Früvous at Harro East in Rochester. It was a great concert, spending time with a bunch of my friends in the RIT Players.

My next concert was in May of 1998 when Früvous retrned to Rochester and played at the Record Archive, and the Lilac Festival. (That was alot of fun!) The summer was even better with a Früvous concert at LaFayette Square in Buffalo, and Media Play in Niagara Falls. The Tralfamadore Cafe show in November also rocked.

Favorite Songs:
Indie Tape: Green Eggs & Ham
Bargainville: BJ Don't Cry
Wood: It's Too Cold
YWGTTM: Get In The Car
Live Noise: I've Gotta Get A Message to You

A pic of Paul

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Chris O'Malley

Toronto, ON - 9/2/96 - Chris w/ Moxy & Lazlo
Waterloo, ON - 6/22/97 - Chris w/ Murray and Laurie Addenbrooke

E-Mail | Web Page
Frühead card (as of 1/11/98) | Frümiles card (as of 12/30/99)

My name is Chris O'Malley and welcome to my tribute to Moxy Früvous, quite easily my all-time favorite band. This site was inspired by Moxy's June 29, 1996 show in Buffalo, NY, which I attended. I was trying to think of a way I could pay homage to the band in my own special way. I can't get out to see them as nearly as I'd like, and there are actually only a handful of Moxy pages out there. I figured making a site for Moxy with my own style would be a nice way to say "Thanks, guys!" to a music that has kept me smiling for years. (my God, has it been that long?? :-)

Here's a list of all those who helped me get FDC off the ground.

Shows attended:
(The number in parenthesis is my fruhead card/fruhead miles stamp number)
03/23/96 11/10/96 05/23/97 (#19) 07/25/97 (#29) 09/27/97 (#39) 12/04/97 (#49) 04/19/98 07/10/98 01/01/99 (FM#15/16) 07/24/99 (FM#25) 06/08/00
05/18/96 12/31/96 (#9/#10) 05/24/97 (#20) 07/26/97 (#30) 10/02/97 (#40) 12/05/97 (#50) 05/01/98 07/17/98 (FM#6) 01/02/99 (FM#17) 07/25/99 (FM#26) 07/29/00
06/29/96 (#1) 02/12/97 (#11) 05/30/97 (#21) 07/27/97 (#31) 10/03/97 (#41) 12/06/97 (#51) 05/02/98 08/07/98 (FM#7) 02/19/99 (FM#18) 08/12/99
07/26/96 (#2) 03/08/97 (#12) 05/31/97 (#22) 08/10/97 (#32) 10/04/97 (#42) 12/07/97 (#52) 05/03/98 08/08/98 (FM#8) 02/20/99 (conv.) 08/14/99 (FM#27)
09/02/96 (#3) 03/20/97 (#13) 06/06/97 (#23) 08/23/97 (#33) 10/18/97 (#43) 12/31/97 (#53) 05/15/98 (FM#1) 10/29/98 (FM#9) 02/20/99 (FM#19) 11/21/99 (FM#28)
09/07/96 (#4) 04/24/97 (#14) 06/22/97 (#24) 08/24/97 (#34) 10/22/97 (#44) 02/21/98 (conv.) 05/23/98 (instore) 10/30/98 (FM#10) 02/21/99 (FM#20) 12/03/99 (FM#29)
10/26/96 (#5) 04/25/97 (#15) 06/26/97 (#25) 09/01/97 (#35) 11/08/97 (#45) 02/21/98 (Lee's) 05/23/98 (FM#2) 10/31/98 (FM#11) 04/30/99 (FM#21) 12/30/99 (FM#30)
10/31/96 (#6) 04/26/97 (#16) 07/05/97 (#26) 09/05/97 (#36) 11/09/97 (#46) 03/08/98 06/04/98 (FM#3) 11/01/98 (FM#12) 05/03/99 (FM#22) 04/22/00
11/01/96 (#7) 05/14/97 (#17) 07/06/97 (#27) 09/06/97 (#37) 11/14/97 (#47) 04/17/98 06/05/98 (FM#4) 12/05/98 (FM#13) 05/04/99 (FM#23) 05/06/00
11/02/96 (#8) 05/22/97 (#18) 07/10/97 (#28) 09/26/97 (#38) 11/15/97 (#48) 04/18/98 06/06/98 (FM#5) 12/31/98 (FM#14) 05/07/99 (FM#24) 06/06/00

Julie "Azalea" Otis

Hey, I'd like to be added to the collective. :-) You might have met me through Joshua Harriman. Anyhow, I'm from Omaha, NE, now living in Boston, going to Tufts. I'm a philosophy and drama major. That's me in a nutshell. Thanks! rockon, 'Zalea


Matt Piechota

um, here's a list of shows i've attended (since I see some have that up on there): 11/07/98 - The Tralf; Buffalo, NY 11/06/98 - The Tralf; Buffalo, NY 10/30/98 - Iron Horse; Northampton, MA 06/04/98 - Lafayette Square; Buffalo, NY 04/19/98 - SUNY Fredonia; Fredonia, NY 12/31/97 - Hard Rock Cafe; Niagara Falls, NY 12/05/97 - Styleen's Rhythm Palace; Syracuse, NY 11/08/97 - Harro East; Rochester, NY 10/04/97 - The Tralf; Buffalo, NY 10/03/97 - The Tralf; Buffalo, NY 09/05/97 - Brock University; St. Catharines, ON 07/10/97 - Lafayette Square; Buffalo, NY 06/06/97 - The Rock Garden; St. Catharines, ON 04/26/97 - Spectrum; Rochester, NY 04/24/97 - Ogden St. Music Hall; Buffalo, NY 11/02/96 - Ogden St. Music Hall; Buffalo, NY

E-Mail | Web Page

Kristen Pickard

Murray, Kristen, & Jian

Jack & Lorraine Porcello

My name is Jack Porcello. My wife Lorraine and I have been Moxy Fruvous fans since 1993, although we didn't meet until July of 1996. She was living in Edmonton, Alberta and I was in Rochester, NY. We were both indoctrinated into the family of Fruvous through friends and independant radio stations (me through WBER, the only radio station that matters!).

I remember the Milestones show of September, 1995 as my first Moxy live show. Lorraine had been to every show in Alberta in 1994 (1 in Edmonton, 2 in Calgary). In 1994 she picked up a copy of the Indie Tape at a used record shoppe in the University Quad for a mere $2.

We currently live in Rochester, NY (summer 1998) but this may not last long. Lorraine is in the Occupational Therapy programme at Queen's University at Kingston, ON Canada and my position (I am a consultant) here in Rochester may be ending soon, so we might be heading out. Or we may see about getting Lorraine transferred to Buffalo and stay in the USA. Or we may get abducted by aliens for the purpose of extracting the planet's secrets of hot breakfast cereal.

Email us if you are in the area or are planning a trip here. We'd love to meet with other Fru-Heads for heys and how-do-ya-dos.

A pic of Jack
A pic of Lorraine


Bonnie Reigelman

I guess I'm a fruhead. I have been hearing them on 90.5 fm here in (cough, cough) tropical Rochester, NY for a few years but my love for them was set in stone this past May when I attended their show at the Lilac Festival. By the end of July '98, if all goes as planned, I'll have attended 5 shows. (Well, maybe I should say 4 and a few minutes of the 5th because of our mad rush through the streets of Buffalo :) I am currently attending Monroe Community College and loving every minute of it. I love singing and hope to one day be in a happy band like Fruvous on the side of my career as professional pet psychologist (ha).


Jason Reiser

From Jason Reiser's website - taken on 10/23/96 at the Mercury Lounge, NYC
Crowd Pic #1 | Crowd Pic #2 | Crowd Pic #3 | Crowd Pic #4

Jason w/ Colleen Campbell

E-Mail | Web Page | Frühead card (as of 5/27/97)

Hugo Rodrigues

IRC bio:

aka Hugs/Eau on #MoxyFruvous

For sale: One male in his twenties who has the following Moxy Fruvous background: First listened to Bargainville in 1993 and has been hooked ever since. This person is not an avid show goer, but can not be overlooked for his Internet relation to plugging the band. An avid poster and a IRC'holic, any venture to #MoxyFruvous will bring you in contact with him. Currently lives at home in Ottawa, Canada, although purchasing this man means you provide food, shelter and TLC. Price negotiable. Any enquiries should be addressed to

E-Mail | Web Page

Heather Rolph

E-Mail | Web Page

Mike & Kelly SantaLucia (FruFamily)

6/26/97 - The Frufamily with Murray


Dave Schmidt

My name is David Schmidt I live in Hazel Park, Mi. Sadly i have only been to one show (it was also my very first show of all time).

A picture of Dave


Michael Scialdone (Captain Mikey)

Mike first heard Fruvous in 1993, and saw them in concert for the first time in early '96. He lives near Utica, NY, where he has a radio show on WPNR Power 90.7 FM, during which he "plays Fruvous at least twice a show". Fruvous recently (11/9/97) stopped by the station for an interview, which Mike conducted. He also has a web site with lots of great Moxy photos from the shows he's been to. Mike has been generous enough to allow me to use some of the pics here on FDC, but there's a bunch more on his site!

11/9/97 - Mike w/ Jian
11/9/97 - Mike w/ Murray

E-Mail | Captain Mikey's Moxy Fruvous Picture Gallery

Doug "Sirilyan" Sheppard

IRC bio: Doug "Sirilyan" Sheppard is a gamer, web designer, web programmer, science fiction fan, and waste of space in the flatlands of Saskatchewan. Everything in his life seems to involve the city of Austin, someone named Laura, or wildly improbable coincidence. He thinks this is a conspiracy.

Mare Sheppard

My name is Mare! I've been a fan of Moxy Fruvous since 1992, when my sister brought home the indie tape she happened to be handed earlier that day in Toronto. I loved them as soon as I'd heard the music. Since, I've bought all the CDs and been to as many concerts as I possibly could, although admittedly that's not as many as I'd like. I am an artist (visual arts) in all media, and am currently trying to incorporate computer graphics (etc) into my work. Favourite Moxy Fruvous songs: Green Eggs and Ham (the original version, preferably), Laika, River Valley, Fell in Love, Morphee, Lee, Kick in the Ass, Misplaced, Ballad of Cedric Fruvous, Sad Girl, I Will Hold On...I have a lot of favourites.

A pic of Mare | E-Mail

Matt Slawinski

First, I would like to thank Phil Schwan for introducing me to Moxy in the first place! I am a lover of music, but now I am a lover of Fruvous. I have always looked for a band like this combining acapella/barbershop vocals w/ folk lyrics. Nothing beats a live Moxy show though, I have seen them twice at The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan and their comedy improv warms my heart because I am an actor too. If anybody should reach me through email I'll be sitting here playing my guitar waiting!

E-Mail | Web Page

Dan Slentz

My name's Dan Slentz, and I first heard Moxy on what basically amounts to a bootleg copy of Bargainville way back in the spring of '96. November 1st that year, I went to the show at Walter St. Music Hall in Rochester, NY. I was hooked. I promptly purchased a copy of Bargainville and had the guys sign it. Well, all but Mike, he was nowhere to be seen. I went home and loyally listened to nothing but Früvous to the point where I feard I may wear out my disc. So I went hunting. No Moxy to be found anywhere around here, so I was stuck with just Bargainville until my next show, which was lamentably 9 days greater than two years later. Of course I mean the Moxy/Femmes show at Irving Plaza in NYC. Where I satisfied my craving for a new Früalbum and my love of live shows at the same time; I bought Live Noise. I finally got my long awaited Mike autograph and didn't really bug the rest of the guys except to chat with Jian and say hi to Murray. This time Dave was nonexistent. Mike rather subtly bummed a cigarrette from me, and Jian commented on my friend Becka's "deflowering"--it was her first show. The Femmes came on, but I was there for a little Moxy action. The "Militant Femmes" were just a bonus in my opinion. Anyway, that's the history of my fandom, soon to be added to with great glee now that I'm a college lad and more free of movement. And I will bring more sacrifices....I mean, converts :-) over to the band we call Moxy Früvous!

IRC nick "spookydan"

AOL sn Mulder4213

Stuff I do: Computers, read, write, 'rithmatic...just kidding, online, Star Trek, etc.

Other music I like: Beatles (And we've got guns, y'know) David Bowie, Barenaked Ladies (longtime fan...since Gordon), that's about it these days


Zard Snodgrass

Zard (on R) w/ Laurie Addenbrooke

Sarah Starr

I first got into Moxy Fruvous when I was sent a TMBG concert bootleg with filler on the b side which included King of Spain, Kick in the Ass, I Love my Boss, Spiderman, and BJ Don't Cry. I went out two weeks later and bought Bargainville, B, and You Will Go to the Moon all in one day....a few months later, I bought Live Noise and really got I've seen them live and I'm heading down the road to insane fandom (a road I have already traveled in the TMBG arena....:)

and my name, btw, is Sarah Faye Starr, aka sarah faye, aka Meenie7, aka fingerofmyglove....the one, the only, the mentally unhinged.


Kim Steffens

(IRC nick "KidEgo") I first discovered Fruvous in November 1998 when a friend played me "King of Spain". Then I went to my first show on December 1, 1998 at The Haunt in Ithaca, NY. I was hooked right then and there. As of June 1999 I have 11 shows under my belt and many more to go! I am from Syracuse, NY.


Elle Steiner

I saw my first Moxy concert in Rochester in 1996 at the Lilac Festival, and it was a great show. Since then I've seen them several times in Boston, and once in New York City. As for me, I like a lot of different music, Orbital, Land of the Loops, Sade, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Smashmouth, and more that I can't think of. I went to Univ. of Rochester and studied Ecology. I'll be working this summer on the beach with piping plovers (threatened shore birds). That's it for now, can't wait to see the show at MIT!!!!

Elle trying to escape a kiss
Elle (dressed up as cocaine for Halloween) with her boyfriend


Sheryl Jean Stoller

Sheryl w/ Jian

E-Mail | Web Page

Tara Sweet

Rochester, NY - 6/26/97 - Bret, Mark, Tara, Dave, Murray
Rochester, NY - 6/26/97 - Brian, Mark, Jian, Tara
Rochester, NY - 6/26/97 - Mike, Tara, Mark

Renee Theoret

Buckingham, Quebec

I first got hooked on Moxy about four years ago. My friend liked them a lot and wanted me to hear "Spiderman". From then on I've boughten every cd and gone to every Ottawa concert I was able to. I even have my mom and younger brother & sister hooked on them. They first time I say them was at the Ottawa Folk Festival. I made the mistake of having a beer before and it went straight to the blatter, resulting in my having to go the washroom six times through out the evening.

I live about 40 minutes northeast of Ottawa on the Quebec side. Right on the Lièvre river. Real nice! I can canoe anytime I like, although finding the time is another story.

I was showing my mom a recent picture of me with Dave and Jian. All she could say is :"Why would he (Jian) ruin his beautiful black hair with orange strips?!" Heh! I happen to like it.

Favorite Fruvous song: Kick in the ass (listen to it frequently after a long day at the office.)

Favorite bands/artists:
1)See spot run (I met the band and the drummer is crazy about me, so of course I like the band)
2)Moist (because they are the perfect moshing band)
3)Ben folds five
4)Holly Cole (when she was jazz)
5)Dave Brubeck quartet
6)US3 (that funky "cantalupe" song)
7)Don Byron

Favorite venue : Barrymore's Music Hall (Ottawa) and Wiley's sport bar warehouse (Kanata,ON)

Hobbies: Artistic painting and sketching. Supporting live music. Driving with the sunroof open and the passengers hands waving through. Not mine, they stay on the wheel.

What I drive: 85 Honda Prelude with a "stereo that rocks"

Best cheesy pick-up I've heard: (Guy sitting on the curb with his thumb out asking to hitchhike as I walk by.) Then says: "Can you take me with you please?"

8/96 - Ottawa Folk Fest - Dave, Renee, Jian
5/30/97 - Ottawa - Erwin Rossol, Tina Kravchenko, Jian, Renee, Glen Lall
5/97 - Renee at work
5/24/98 - Ottawa - Dave, Renee, & Jian


Becky Thielet

I'm Becky Thielet, niece of Brent and Marianne Miller; FrüCon t-shirt designers. And I have them to thank for not only the great apparel, but also for introducing me to such an amazing band. The first Früsongs that I remember hearing were Michigan Militia and Kick in the Ass. But that doesn't matter because all I can recall from late '97 was being deliriously happy listening to the Canadian band called Moxy Früvous. My favorite songs include: Fly, Stuck in the '90's and Sahara. My other choice distractions from everyday life include: drawing, reading, archery, drama, singing, writing and surfing the net. I'll bet you can guess what my favorite web site is.

E-Mail 1 | E-Mail 2 | Becky & Murray

Gina Thielet

My name's Gina Thielet. I was first introduced to Moxy Früvous by my aunt and uncle (who did the t-shirts for the convention). Now I am a devout Frühead, and have been to two concerts. My favorite songs are Michigan Militia, Fly, and Get in the Car. Besides loving the Canadian boys, I also love to draw. Since I am a fairly good artist, I thought it would be a great idea to draw a group picture of Früvous. After my first attempt failed, I decided to change my approach. I ended up doing individual charcoal portraits.

E-Mail | Gina & Jian | One of Gina's drawings

Mick Thompson

My name is Mick Thompson and I am from Norwalk, CT USA. I have been a fan of the band since '93 when my friend returned from Canada with thier demo tape. I have been hooked since. My fav album is Wood, with all the others tied for 2nd. Fav songs are "Fell in Love" and "Fly" ( must be something about "F" songs.) I am 29, work as a Registered Nurse (Oncology, in case you care to know), am married and have a 4 year old son who digs the band as well. He can often be heard singing "BJ" as he goes about his daily chore of playing and wrecking our house. I caught my first Fru show Aug 2, 1998 right here in my home town of Norwalk. The pics in the collage are from that show. The band rocked, I only wish they could have played longer ( but hey, it was a free show.)

E-Mail | A collage by Mick

Chris Traugott

Chris (on R) w/ Zard Snodgrass

"I love driving almost as much as I love music, so road-tripping and Fruvous seemed a natural fit. When I'm not on the road in search of a Fruvous show or attending concerts in the Washington, DC metro area, I'm reading, writing or feeding people (I love to cook). Favorite bands/performers include the Beatles (naturally), Rolling Stones, the Who, Elvis Costello and Van Morrison."

Adam Tyner

Hey, I'm Adam Tyner and first heard about Fruvous through many, many discussions about them on the They Might Be Giants mailing list. I finally relented and ordered a bunch of their CDs in December '97.

Some other bands I like are: Barenaked Ladies, Ben Folds Five, Everclear, the Residents, They Might Be Giants, Tuscadero, Velocity Girl, and XTC.

E-Mail | A pic of Adam

Chris & Maureen (Moe) Walsh

8/10/97 - Chris & Moe w/ Jian
9/01/97 - Chris & Moe w/ Murray
11/8/97 - Chris & Moe (& their gift for Früvous) w/ Jian & Murray
12/4/97 - Chris & Moe w/ Dave
12/31/97 - Chris & Moe w/ Mike
1/7/99 - Sheila, Jian & Moe


Catherine Weber (Soixante)

IRC bio: Frufoot is Catherine (Cathy) Weber. Also known as at a.m.m-f. Pennsylvanian, high school student, and artist. Watch out! She's often violent on channel, tackling people and armed with her ak-47. Has way too much free on her hands, rambles incessantly about nothing at all, and rarely makes sense. Insanely devoted to Fruvous, has been a fan since 92. Aussi, Elle parle un petite peu francais. Elle est la grosse pasteque qui dans tes cauchemars! As-tu peur? Shameless self-promoting plugs section: Check out her 6-ish foot painting of fruvous, and her Fruvous @ the world cafe cover, pictured on FDC.

Catherine with the band


Tanner D. Welch

I first heard the Frülads in '93 when I got a copy of a copy of the demo tape. I didn't get around to seeing them live until fall of '95, but I have since done my best to make up for lost time. At last count, the ol' show attendance record is up to 22. Luckily, I'm conveniently located in Rochester, where one can hardly go for very long without a visit from the boys. When I'm not at shows, (or work, which sadly rules most of my life), I can generally be found prowling the various music stores and Salvation Army shops in the area with my Fruvous tattoo proudly on display. (I got it a couple of years ago. I didn't have the patience to wait for an ass brand.) I'm also the proud father of Trent, a rambunctious member of the second generation of Früheads, who loves to dance, sing along to BJ, and shares a birthday with Dave (Feb. 17).


Michael Wood

Mike w/ Murray | Mike w/ Jian
Mike w/ Dave | Mike w/ Mike Ford & Josh

Mike is currently working on a Fruvous comic book, to be debuted here on FDC.

Josh Woodward

Josh is a member of the Bowling Green, Ohio Fruhead crew, often traveling far from home to get a fix. He also enjoys listening to bands such as Phish, Great Big Sea, Ben Folds Five, They Might Be Giants, Johny Vegas, among many others. He is currently a web developer for Marathon Oil, and is a computer science major at Bowling Green State University. In his free time, he trades tapes, plays guitar, and hacks away at computers.

Josh & Dave | Josh & Jian
Josh & Mike | Josh & Murray

Josh jams at FruCon | Josh (in costume)

E-Mail | Web Site (CybercheEse Online)

C. Arabel Wooster

C. Arabel Wooster is an old-school Fru Fan, beginning her obsession in 1994 during her senior year of high school. At the time, she was living in Michigan, but from them performed a series of moves which ended up in Nashville, Tennessee, just three months after the only Fruvous show in TN to date. She's spending her time away praying for Fruvous' return to her new hometown as she's in rather severe withdrawal, and she's offering her living room to any fellow frufans that want to come visit and help persuade Fruvous to make the venture to Music City, USA, once again. She's an aspiring photographer/hobbyist and has an album full of pics the guys have posed for, yet, none so far of herself with the band, and she's also introduced many a new fan to Fruvous. Oh, and if Maureen McCormick ever sees this.... I still have your pics of Dave.

A pic of Arabel

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